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Top Mobile App Development Trends for 2021

— December 23, 2020

The approximate count of mobile apps on the app store is 2.2 million and 2.8 million on the play store. This count is expected to grow every year .

A high-performing mobile app is your first success milestone! Due to the enormous usefulness and popularity, mobile app technology is unstoppable. Increasing business requirements and customer preferences are major factors for the increased demand for mobile app development. The main reason for the success of the mobile app industry is the latest mobile app development trends. Business owners consider mobile apps as the gateway to increase customer reach and profitability. 

According to Statista, mobile apps are projected to generate more than 935 billion U.S. dollars revenue in 2023. Moreover, mobile app developers believe that the app industry has become the fastest growing industry with the introduction of something new every year. The user’s comfort of getting the required products and services in a few clicks has already increased the usability of mobile apps. The emerging advanced technologies empowered mobile applications with more advanced features. 

While planning for a mobile app, it is a must to follow the trend. In this article, we will check out some interesting mobile app development trends that will lead the market in the coming years. 

Let us move ahead and have a detailed discussion for Mobile App Development Trends 2021:

Cognitive AI and Intelligent Chatbots

The advent of Artificial Intelligence has transformed numerous industries. By combining face identification and voice recognition, this technology can predict the user’s behavior, object identification, and high-end security feature integration. Additionally, AI integration with chatbots is enhancing the mobile app potential and allowing businesses to have real-time interactions with end-users. 

Instant Apps

The small-sized instant app is a trend itself. Such applications offer the best functionalities and user experience without downloading it. These mobile apps are the perfect choice to provide demo and memory-efficient services. Users can experience the feature of the app before downloading it. Based on prior experience they can decide whether to install it on their device or not. Instant apps can be anticipated to be in great demand.

5G Implementation

5G is an entirely new network architecture that transformed the way the network ecosystem works. It leaves a great impact on wireless communication and it also has a long way to global commercial launch. The release of 5G connectivity made the mobile app functionality more efficient. It boosts the overall business productivity of both developers and users. 

Key benefits of 5G Implementation:

  • Faster file transfer
  • Next level media-rich user experience
  • A new generation of personalized chatbots
  • Less reliance on hardware
  • More device connectivity
  • Streaming VR experience
  • Greater capacity
  • Rise of navigational mobile apps
  • use of 3D models

Mobile Wallets

Artificial intelligence, isometric AI robot on mobile phone screen; image by Fullvector, via
Artificial intelligence, isometric AI robot on mobile phone screen; image by Fullvector, via

During past times we were required to make every financial transaction through cash. Then credit and debit cards arrived that reduces the need for carrying cash for every need. The tech innovation overcomes reduces the weight of carrying cards also. No matter how small or big a transaction you want to do, from paying electricity bills to online shopping, Mobile wallets have made everything a matter of a few clicks. With the introduction of mobile wallets, the mobile industry is transforming with secured and fast money transaction service offerings.

Biometric Authentication

This is a vital feature for digital space where you want your data to be protected. Unlike other security measures, biometrics combined with great authentication methods offers an advanced security feature. Mobile app developers are more likely to implement TouchID and faceID features to the mobile app for enhanced security. 

On-demand Apps

This one is not a new concept but the feature it offers is attracting new customers every next year. This had made it the biggest revolution in the mobile app industry. The trend for on-demand mobile apps is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. Uber and Airbnb are the best examples of successful on-demand mobile apps. 

Apart from the above-mentioned trends, check out some more interesting trends for developing mobile apps:

  • AR/VR Expand Their Reach Ahead Of Gaming
  • Low Code Development Will Be The Need Of The Hour
  • Internet of Things Will Be Largely Leveraged
  • Folding Smartphones Are Coming Up Soon
  • Artificial Intelligence Gets Real With Chatbots
  • Beacons Will Increasingly Be Leveraged For Mobile Apps
  • 5G Shall Gain Importance Along With AI, AR, VR
  • Edge Computing Will Gain Prominence Over The Cloud
  • Enterprise Mobile Apps Will Be More In Demand
  • Emphasis On Security Of Mobile Apps
  • Increased Demand For Wearable Devices, Mobile Wallets, mCommerce


The approximate count of mobile apps on the app store is 2.2 million and 2.8 million on the play store. This count is expected to grow every year with new features and trends in mobile app development. Employing the trends mentioned above in your next mobile app is the right decision to elevate the user experience and stay ahead of your competitors. 

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