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Trevor Noah To Be Deposed in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Later Next Month

— January 6, 2022

Noah’s attorneys claim the comedian and late-night host has suffered permanent, serious, and debilitating injuries from a botched New York City surgery.

Comedian and talk show host Trevor Noah is continuing his lawsuit against a New York City hospital, where Noah claims a physician’s negligence led him to “sustain permanent, severe and grievous injuries.”

According to CNN, Noah alleges that the Hospital for Special Surgery and Dr. Riley J. Williams III failed to properly diagnose an illness, did not recommend him to specialists with requisite skill and experience, and then negligently performed exams and surgery.

Noah, adds CNN, also claims that the hospital and physician neither provided appropriate medical treatment for his condition, nor did they obtain his informed consent prior to beginning procedures.

However, a spokesperson for the Hospital for Special Surgery has called Noah’s claims “meritless.”

“We have shared with Mr. Noah’s attorney a detailed rebuttal to the claims, which are meritless,” the hospital told CNN in a written statement.

The hospital noted that, in spite of public interest, it cannot disclose any information about which specific treatment Noah requested and underwent.

A doctor holding a stethoscope. Image via Pexels. Public domain.

“Due to HIPAA, we are restricted by law from addressing publicly specific aspects of the treatment of any patient.”

What is known, however, is that Noah received treatment from Williams at the Hospital for Special Surgery between August 25, 2020, and December 17, 2020, including at least one surgical procedure on November 23, 2020.

During this time, Noah says he “suffered severe and painful personal injuries, sustained severe nervous shock, mental anguish, severe emotional distress and great physical pain.”

Noah was then “confined to bed and home for a long period of time; was compelled to undergo hospital and medical aid,” leading him to suffer “loss of enjoyment of life.”

Because of his injuries, the comedian’s legal team says that Noah was unable to do his job for a “long period of time.”

Since some of Noah’s alleged injuries are permanent, his attorneys claim that he will “continue to suffer similar damages in the future.”

Both Williams and the hospital have since requested a “judgment dismissing [Noah’s] complaints herein, together with the costs and disbursements of this action.”

Williams further claimed that he had simply “rendered certain professional services to and for Trevor C. Noah in accordance with accepted standards of medical care,” with Williams’ legal team denying all allegations of negligence on the part of their client.

The U.S. Weekly notes that Noah is expected to be deposed on February 8, 2022, in a White Plans, New York, courtroom.


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