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Truck Accident in the Sunshine State? Get the Help You Need

— February 14, 2022

If you do have a case, your lawyer will conduct their own investigation trying to establish whether the trucking company can be held accountable for the crash.

Did you know that according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), just ten states account for half of all fatal truck accidents in the US? Unfortunately, Florida is among those 10 states. This is obvious if you look at the numbers pointing to a steady rise in large truck accidents in Florida over the past decade. Those lucky to survive often find themselves in a terrible predicament as they are usually left with severe injuries, like brain or spine damage and broken bones, and rising medical bills. If you’re reading this, you were probably injured in such an accident and wonder what to do? Stop wondering and get in touch with some seasoned Florida truck accident lawyers. They know what needs to be done.

If you’ve never been in a truck accident before you’d assume it’s like any other crash. You call your insurance company and they’ll sort it out. This works when you’ve been in a run-of-the-mill fender-bender. Small claims can easily be settled with your insurance and there’s no need to get a lawyer for minor damage your mechanic can easily fix.

However, if you’ve sustained severe injuries and your car was wrecked you’ll need a lot of money, money your insurance company doesn’t want to part with. It might very well be that your insurance doesn’t even cover that sort of damage. 

As a general rule, if you’ve been involved in a serious semi or tractor-trailer accident don’t talk to your insurance before looking up a good truck accident lawyer in Melbourne or whatever Florida city you live in. 

Obviously, your first priority will be seeking medical attention. Truck accident lawyers recommend going to the ER even if you don’t have any visible injuries. Many people underestimate the severity of their injuries. A minor pain they assume will go away in a couple of days could be the sign of something way more serious. You should have that pain checked out right away, if only to be able to document the injuries you’ve sustained.

X-ray of person with broken collarbone; image by Harlie Raethel, via
Image by Harlie Raethel, via

Next step, schedule a free consultation with a reliable lawyer and have them review your case. Make sure to bring your medical record, the police report, if you have it, and a written account of the accident as you recall it.

A good professional with many years of practice in this field can immediately tell if you have a case. If you do have a case, your lawyer will conduct their own investigation trying to establish whether the trucking company can be held accountable for the crash. Maybe the driver was overworked or the truck hadn’t been serviced in a long while. Both represent violations of the federal road safety regulations and constitute grounds to file a lawsuit against the company. Or even the manufacturer, if it turns out that the truck had a defective part. 

Your lawyers will calculate the value of your claim. This will include economic damages, such as medical bills (present and future), the cost of fixing or replacing your car, and your lost wages for the duration of your recovery. On top of that, you can ask for non-economic damages to compensate you for your pain and suffering. If you have a good lawyer, the case won’t go to trial as the company will prefer a settlement out of court. 

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