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Truck Accident Investigation: Semi-Truck Kills One and Injures Another

— January 27, 2023

Truck accidents can occur for a wide range of reasons.

When a truck accident occurs, the first thing all the drivers and passengers should do is get to a place of safety. However, they should not leave the area of the collision, so they are not charged with a hit and run. Instead, they should stop nearby and contact the police, as well as the ambulance if there is a medical emergency. The truth is that it is always better to get medical attention after a serious truck accident, even if the person feels like they are perfectly ok. Seeing a doctor right away will help victims ensure their injuries heal properly and are not overlooked. It also helps when it comes to filing the actual truck accident claim.

However seriously the victims are injured, they will not be able to claim compensation and get the justice they deserve until they have established fault and negligence. The best way this is done is through a truck accident investigation. A recent truck accident investigation was undertaken when a semi-truck and a pickup truck got into a collision on the highway. The semi-truck was equipped with a trailer and the pickup truck was also pulling a smaller enclosed trailer.1

Image of an emergency room entrance
Emergency Room; image courtesy of paulbr75 via Pixabay,

Crews were called to the scene immediately and they were attending to possible injuries. While this happened, a semi-tractor lost control and struck two of the first responders, one who ended up losing his life. The investigation uncovered that the accident may have occurred due to the inattention of the driver. If this turns out to be the case, and the driver was at fault then they will be held responsible for the damage and will have to face serious legal penalties.

Drivers who get into a truck accident should make sure they are speaking with a qualified attorney so they get help with their case, and so they are not left to deal with all the legal aspects of their situation on their own.

What Causes Truck Accidents in Gillette, WY?

Truck accidents can occur for a wide range of reasons. In the above-mentioned case, the truck accident took place due to the inattention of the driver, and in other cases, it occurs due to external reasons, such as the weather, or due to a mistake made by the truck manufacturing or maintenance company. 

Truck accidents may also occur due to the negligence of other drivers on the road. The best way to uncover the events that led up to a collision is to conduct a full-scale investigation. Anyone who needs help with their truck accident case should connect with a lawyer so they can begin filing a claim and get the compensation they deserve. 



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