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Truck Accidents Often Result in Tragic Losses

— February 14, 2022

The investigation into a truck accident can be very complex, especially if several vehicles are involved.

June 19, 2021 was one of the most tragic days in the history of Alabama. Ten people, including 8 children, were killed in a terrible crash on I-65, near Greenville, while another 26 people suffered various injuries. Three months after the tragedy, the parents of some of the victims filed a lawsuit against the owners of two tractor-trailers involved in the accident. If it weren’t for those trucks slamming into the stopped cars those children would still be alive today. 

This is just an example of how deadly truck accidents can be and how hard it is to establish who was responsible.

If you were involved in this type of accident, you need to get in touch with the best Alabama truck accident lawyers you can find. 

The defendants in the I-65 crash lawsuit are accused of negligence, although the exact charges have not yet been released. One of the truck drivers involved was also accused of unsafe driving. 

The investigation into a truck accident can be very complex, especially if several vehicles are involved. In the I-65 tragedy, some of the vehicles hit by the two trailer-tractors also caught fire, which only complicated matters for the investigators.

When you contact truck accident lawyers in Mobile or whatever city you live in, they’ll first want to hear your account of what happened and see the police report. If the circumstances are unclear they’ll also request the technical examination report on the truck or send in independent experts to do their own inspection. They will look for defective parts if a technical malfunction is suspected. If they find problems with the brakes, the steering system or the wheels, you may have a case against the trucking company. They’ll also ask when the truck was last serviced. If the service schedule is not in compliance with federal regulations, you can file a lawsuit against the maintenance company.

Upclose shot of semi-truck tires; image by Milan DeGraeve, via
Upclose shot of semi-truck tires; image by Milan DeGraeve, via

Experienced truck accident lawyers will also investigate how the trailer was loaded. If a truck is overloaded or the cargo is not secured, the driver can end up losing control of the vehicle. If you see a truck driver doing seemingly erratic maneuvers, you’ll say that he was engaging in reckless driving, but how do you know that he wasn’t desperately trying to regain control of the truck? This is exactly the type of questions accident lawyers usually ask. 

Obviously, they will also question the driver’s conduct, his training and his state at the time of the accident. If it turns out the driver was ignoring safety regulations you can sue both the driver and the company, for failing to monitor their employee’s activity.

Once your lawyers have a clear picture of what happened they will calculate the value of your claim. This will include economic damages (medical bills, property loss, lost wages) and non-economic damages to compensate you for your pain and suffering. If it’s a case of negligence, like in the Greenville crash, you can also ask for punitive damages. Sadly, punitive damages, even 7-figure ones, cannot bring back those killed in the accident and might not restore you back to full health, but they can at least prevent other tragedies by teaching those responsible a lesson they won’t forget. 

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