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Trucking Company Insurers Don’t Jump at the Chance to Help in Pennsylvania

— March 18, 2022

As soon as you get a lawyer, the burden of dealing with the insurance people will be off your shoulders.

Pennsylvania is one of the states with the most truck accidents per year. For instance, in 2017, there were 6,807 such crashes, which resulted in 145 fatalities and thousands of people injured.  And truck accident numbers are rising nationwide. 

If you or a close relative were recently involved in a truck crash, you need to speak to an experienced Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. 

Truck accidents often result in serious injuries, such as head trauma, spine damage, broken bones or internal injuries. You will probably require surgery and long-term medical care, followed by physical therapy. This means you will be unable to work for a considerable period of time, which will put a strain on your family’s financial situation. Many people are confident that their insurer will cover their damages. That’s why they’ve been paying their premiums faithfully for so many years. Only that’s not the case, not when it comes to substantial claims.

If you get a call from the trucking company’s insurer don’t jump for joy. That’s not a good sign. On the contrary, they’re probably trying to assess your state of mind to see what sort of damages you’re considering. They’re only calling you to understand what sort of defense they need to prepare. When you have a small claim, like a dent to your car in the parking lot, that’s peanuts to them and you can get that money without a lawyer. However, if your medical bills alone are around $100,000, they will do everything in their power to minimize the value of your claim. This is why you should hire the best truck accident lawyers in Philadelphia. If you know what’s good for you, tell the insurance guys they’ll be hearing from your lawyer. They don’t need to know you haven’t retained one yet.

'Wall of Shame' Found at Hospital, Complaint Filed
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When you look up truck accident lawyers, get one who is available 24/7 and who understands your situation. A good attorney will offer you a free phone consultation or visit you at the hospital or at home, if you’re in any condition to receive visitors. The best thing is you won’t have to worry about your attorney’s fees. Accident lawyers usually work on a contingency fee basis so you only pay them when they win the case for you.

As soon as you get a lawyer, the burden of dealing with the insurance people will be off your shoulders. A skilled lawyer will leave no stone unturned in their efforts to determine the true cause of the accidents and who might be liable for your damages. If the accident was caused by a reckless, drunk or distracted driver, you will have to file a claim against their insurance. However, if the trucking company can be held accountable in any way, that’s a completely different ball game. Under federal law, trucking companies are required to carry liability insurance of a minimum $750,000. That should be enough to cover your medical expenses and lost wages, as well as your non-economic damages, which compensate you for your pain and suffering. 

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