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Two Men Try To Buy Cocaine From A Police Officer

— July 26, 2017

Two Men Try To Buy Cocaine From A Police Officer

The last person, one would think, an addict would approach in an attempt to score drugs is a police officer.  Unless undercover, odds are those looking for a fix won’t attempt to solicit the police. However, drugs can do funny things to the brain, and two desperate men in search of cocaine in Hartford, Connecticut did just that.

Two Men Try To Buy Cocaine From A Police Officer
Image Courtesy of CNN News

On July 23th, police at the station located on “High Street” (of all places) reported that two men approached an officer who had just ended his shift and was walking to his personal vehicle, asking if they could buy some cocaine from him.  They then proceeded to tell the officer they would first need to go to an ATM to retrieve some cash.  

The officer smartly pointed out that there was an ATM machine right in the front lobby of the station.  The men, who evidently still did not understand the irony of the situation, entered the station and secured $60 from the machine. The “Unusual Occurrence Report” filed afterward stated, “Once inside, [the officer] notified the Teleserve officer who assisted in arresting both suspects and tagged the $60 as evidence without incident.”  

Deputy Chief Brian J. Foley posted a photo of a portion of the incident report to his Twitter the following day, tweeting, “And this happened”.  The names of the suspects or any pending charges have not been released, although it is likely the men will be charged with criminal solicitation.  It is unclear whether they were under the influence at the time.

Drugs can certainly make people do some crazy things.  Almost as bad as the High Street stunt was an unusual incident that occurred back in 2015 which hit national news.  Two men, Leland Ayala-Doliente and Holland Sward, who were trafficking 20 pounds of marijuana from California to Montana, and smoking some of their merchandise, grew paranoid that undercover officers were following them.  So, they took it upon themselves to place a 911 call and beg for police to “end the chase”.  

The dispatcher, at first quite confused by the impromptu confession, radioed local officers, who arrested the men.  They were not being followed at the time of the call.  However, Rexburg Police in Idaho had also received a call of suspicious behavior that evening from an unidentified caller who claimed the men were removing items from their vehicle and setting them on the side of the road.  Every time someone drove by, they would stop and immediately put their hands on their heads.

Two Men Try To Buy Cocaine From A Police Officer
ALeland Ayala-Doliente, 22 (left) and Holland Sward, 23 (right), Image Courtesy of Rexburg Police Department

During the emergency call, the men said they had a dog with them that they were “going to return to its owner”.  Officers arrived at the scene to discover a wire dog cage filled with all 20 pounds of the marijuana separated into 1-pound bags.

Ayala-Doliente received one and a half to eight years in prison for trafficking marijuana and Sward, who had no prior criminal record, received five years of probation.


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