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Two Notable Incidents of Sexual Harassment in Indiana

— January 7, 2022

The school met with the coach to highlight their concerns, but he allegedly replied simply “the age of consent in Indiana is 16.”

Recently, there have been two notable news stories that involve sexual harassment in Indiana. Tragically, both of these reports revolve around educational institutions. Americans are beginning to wake up to the fact that school educators, administrators, leaders, and coaches are committing acts of sexual misconduct on a seemingly unprecedented scale. While the education system obviously needs a massive overhaul, victims of harassment are left with serious issues. 

If you have experienced sexual harassment in Indiana, it makes sense to get in touch with a qualified, experienced sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible. These legal professionals can help you hold guilty parties accountable and strive for a fair, adequate settlement. While it’s true that lawmakers are trying to address this issue, sometimes victims cannot rely on the government for justice. Sometimes, taking legal action is the only option left. 

College Employee Sexually Harassed and Assaulted in Indianapolis

A college employee has accused the former president of Georgetown College of sexually harassing and assaulting her while the pair were on a work trip together in Indianapolis. This female employee’s allegations were made clear when she filed an emergency protective order against the former president. This individual was eventually fired for engaging in sexual assault and inappropriate behavior with a number of female employees at the school. 

The female victim stated that she was sexually harassed in the lobby of a hotel in Indianapolis. She later suffered sexual assault in his hotel room. She alleges that she told the man to stop on multiple occasions. 

Volleyball Coach Sued Over Sexual Misconduct at an Indiana High School

A volleyball coach is currently being sued in a civil lawsuit for engaging in sexual misconduct while working for a high school in South Bend, Indiana. Three former players on the school volleyball team have come forward with shocking allegations against the coach. The 40-page lawsuit claims that the coach committed multiple acts of misconduct, including sending one former player a nude picture of himself over SnapChat. Another stated that she was indirectly shown pornography by the former coach.

Volleyball net; image by Bruce Warrington, via
Volleyball net; image by Bruce Warrington, via

The girls also were apparently subject to constant flirting by the coach, and some believed that if they did not respond positively, they would not get a chance to play. The school met with the coach to highlight their concerns, but he allegedly replied simply “the age of consent in Indiana is 16.” It was later determined that the actions taken by the school to address these issues were inadequate. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching the Indianapolis area for a qualified, experienced sexual harassment attorney, there are plenty of legal professionals waiting to assist you. If there’s one aspect of our society that should be free from sexual harassment, it is our education system. Victims deserve the right to take legal action against guilty parties, whether they have been harassed at school or at their workplaces. Book your consultation with a qualified attorney today, and you can do just that. 

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