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Utah County Students Walk Out of Class after Sexual Harassment Claims

— December 22, 2021

Parents of both parties are entitled to due process and legal protection.

Mapleton, Utah – Students at a Mapleton School, walked out of class following the Nebo School District disclosing information about a sexual harassment investigation. One student and parent in the Nebo community revealed that the investigation is focused on one male student, who attends Mapleton.

According to the investigation, the male student kissed female students without permission and has since inappropriately grabbed one. The female student has since spoken up to school administrators, who have not shown any urgency to the claim. The female student has since stated that other female students have experienced similar incidents, started by the same male student.

Contrary to the reports and claims from the female students, the school administration claimed that they have been investigating the incidents before the district became involved so that students and parents can feel safe.

District leaders are currently addressing the incidents and have assigned counselors to speak to students on a need basis.

Student sexual harassment claims should not be taken lightly

Sexual harassment incidents for high schools are extra sensitive since many students are underage. If you’re a parent whose child has been a victim of sexual harassment, here are recommended steps to take:

  • Speak with school administration
  • Schedule an appointment with a counselor
  • Speak with the parents of the other student
  • Contact law enforcement if needed
  • If all else fails, schedule a consultation with a Sexual Harassment attorney
Former Hotchkiss Student's Sexual Abuse Trial Will Move Forward
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Student hormones run rampant in a high school setting, which makes sexual harassment incidents more likely and possible. Parents of both parties are entitled to due process and legal protection.

What if I am a school employee

School employees who witness or hear about sexual harassment incidents should do the following: 

  • Contact the school principal
  • Contact the school police
  • Sit down and discuss the incidents with both students and their parents, at separate times
  • Follow all the necessary steps required by the school district.

If you are a student in Utah and have suffered sexual harassment at school without any reaction from your administration, help is available. You should not have to suffer sexual harassment in any circumstance and are entitled to peace of mind and protection from sexual harassment! 

Unfortunately, there have been too many cases of sexual harassment that go unnoticed and unreported. This negligence leaves unaddressed trauma and emotional turmoil for the victims that can cause worse emotional turmoil in the future. You may be entitled to compensation and your rights deserve to be represented. In most cases, is it recommended to contact the services of a legal professional who is specialized and skilled in sexual harassment and employment claims.

Seek legal counsel in the State of Utah today.

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