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Voice Recognition Software Development for Business

— September 2, 2020

Authenticity and safety are undoubtedly the main concerns of ours in such a deceptive digitalized era full of fakes and forgeries. Thus, we do care about our secure user experience on the web and look for help from voice recognition tools. It might exponentially enhance your and others certainty and boost convenience.

Certainly, before deeply diving into all tricks you might obtain from the voice recognition tools in your business, it is essential to grasp what it actually is and why you need it. Voice recognition is a computer software engine that when operating on your device recognizes a person speaking. Many people confuse this with speech recognition technology that rather converts speech to text, but has nothing to do with the voice.

For instance, when you open Chrome browser and go to the search tab, the microphone next to the typing message there is probably catching your attention. What is this in particular? No wonder it is the speech recognition button assisting you in transcribing your request without manual writing.

Though, voice recognition is a customer-focused tool that large companies integrate in work with such a pleasure. In fact, the usage of smartphone speakers has been adopted and proved to be one of the most engaging tools of this year. Find out more about this study here. 

Indeed, voice recognition is a high-rated service that ensures more pleasant customer experience and makes them feel more appreciated. So, it is a win-win mechanism that you cannot just miss out on.

Graphic of microphone sitting atop smartphone; image by PaulaHelit, via
Graphic of microphone sitting atop smartphone; image by PaulaHelit, via

Why should your business have voice recognition?

  • Speed

Voice recognition can save a great amount of time by identifying a client and receiving information about him/her faster. Instead of typing long lines of requests or responses people are given the opportunity to get their voice heard and processed. And what could be more pleasant than such a better time efficiency complemented by greater loyalty?

  • Cost

Actually, there are a few more advantages. Thus, reduced organizational costs is another major benefit for your business’ pocket. You should always seek ways to entertain your audience and improve self-service. While, at the same time ensuring it doesn’t make you broke. Voice-recognition-based service is the most profitable marketing weapon in this respect, that is expected to take over 50% of all searches on the net. 

  • No live agent

Also, it removes the need of employing a live agent at your organization, but nonetheless enriches your clients experience. Many businesses are very concerned about giving all the power to managers and sales agents, but never to technologies. However, the level of interaction in the second case is not worsened at all. In fact, calls are handled much better when voice recognition technology is applied. For instance, a client is calling the support team. The narrated request is automatically recognized, the identity is confirmed and then the customer is redirected to a specific branch of your organization.

  • Reward

The evolving nature of voice recognition development rewards all businesses participants with the diverse and sophisticated solutions in both technical and professional aspects. So, by integrating this technology in your company, you enhance the efficiency of modern communication and accelerate the speaking rhythms. 

  • Multitasking

The standard way of texting requires the use of a screen, keyboard and mouse. Whereas, voice recognition is an untouchable software enabling you, your customers or your team to practice multitasking. You have got the chance to respond to emails more quickly and your target audience also focuses on more important things they need. 

  • Usability

With a focus on people with physical disabilities we can set many commands and tasks by dictating words, while using no hands, eyes, etc. It prevents discrimination against, and maximizes the productivity of, disabled staff. Furthermore, voice recognition can help you achieve more improved experience and ensure data management with even ordinary customers. User-friendly interface works as an incentive for optimizing, customizing and personalizing. 

  • Productivity

Voice recognition facilitates better productivity and more structured work between two participating parties. And, although it is quite hard to spot a development software that will become a great alternative instead of keyboard and mouse, recognizing everything 100% accurately. Nevertheless, it is extremely convenient and efficient in use.

How does voice recognition work?

Mostly, we associate voice recognition as a quick evaluation of the narrated phrase and its owner’s voice patterns recognition. However, there is a bit more behind just capturing the concrete data and transcribing. This technology also has to do with a speaker’s voice, pitch, tone and so on. Basically, it studies the human’s voice physiology by identifying some distinctive features of tone samples and accessing a secure identification of an individual.

A proper software development company can grant you a golden opportunity to create a voice print/ template/ sample in a minute. VironIT is an excellent software development company that offers you a top-notch and cloud-based speech recognition service with the minimum of efforts and time. It programs a pattern of work by analyzing sounds and validating speakers.

To put it very shortly, today’s voice recognition system does translate sounds into text, but performs tasks based on the proposed request and voice type. For instance, voice recognition can restrict your kids from buying an item on Amazon if they ever attempt to copy your adult voice and make a purchase. Also, it can become a great assistant for a disabled person who can not practically perform the tasks as an ordinary individual. 


To wrap it up, a virtual voice assistant enormously helps your business increase conversions and, at the same time, discover customers’ needs and wants. It gives a room for a personalized approach that focuses on who speaks and not what is spoken. Therefore, voice recognition technology determines how users interact with a company and shows what they expect from its service. Such an artificial intelligence powered mechanism should become your go-to assistant allowing you to release from extra workflow and, at least, manage it more consistently.

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