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Walmart Shoplifter Has Two Left Feet

— May 18, 2017

Walmart Shoplifter Has Two Left Feet

Walmart sells a wide variety of necessary household items, including groceries, electronics, outdoor gear and even some quality tennis shoes.  So, when a Canadian woman decided to leave the store with a bunch of stolen items, she may have considered stopping by the shoe department and selecting a good getaway pair for her two left feet. The shopper was caught on an Ontario Provincial Police surveillance video dashing out of a Walmart located in Fergus, Ontario, with a shopping cart full of stolen items — $650 worth of stolen goods, to be exact.  However, before she made it to her car, a Walmart employee approached the suspect in an attempt to stop her, and she momentarily looked back over her shoulder, tripping over her own feet in the process and falling flat on her face. All of her loot spilled from the cart, foiling her plan to escape unscathed.  

Walmart Shoplifter Has Two Left Feet
Image Courtesy of Henley Business Review

This wasn’t the first time this particular Walmart patron had walked off with merchandise that wasn’t rightfully hers. Police also said a few days prior to her fall she stole nearly $2,500 worth of products from the same store. And, she likely wasn’t alone in her scheme.  Officers believe in both cases the woman was aided by a whole slew of criminals — two men in their 30s and three female accomplices in their 20s. Greed got the best of the bunch after they had apparently gotten off the first time scot-free, and they decided to make a second attempt on April 26th.  This time, they were able to take off before officers arrived, but wouldn’t be able to keep what they had come for due to their friend’s clumsy feet.

So far, no arrests have been made and police are still on the lookout for the clumsy shopper and her potential accomplices. They posted the surveillance video to Twitter on May 12th after exhausting their efforts in hopes that the decision to ask for the public’s help on social media will spark a few fresh leads.  At least Walmart employees and frequent shoppers can rest assured the woman’s embarrassing spill may keep her shoplifting hands at bay.

Walmart Shoplifter Has Two Left Feet
Image Courtesy of Flickr Hive Mind

Walmart stores across the country seem to attract odd customers and their illegal shenanigans.  In 2012, a man walked into a Pennsylvania store completely naked and attempted to poach only a pair of socks.  In another incident, a drugged out Florida woman was arrested after riding around a Lecanto Walmart on a motorized shopping cart with a half-empty wine bottle in hand.  She proceeded to help herself to the shelved food, grabbing a package of sushi and picking at it before putting it back on the shelf, while also munching on mini muffins, cinnamon buns and a whole rotisserie chicken.  A Delaware man was arrested in 2013 after he allegedly followed a 20-year-old woman through a New Castle Walmart and tossed a handful of semen at the back of her pants.  And, that same year, a 42-year-old and his 20-year-old son were arrested in a California Walmart parking lot for kidnapping a woman and taking her for an exorcism.

Walmart, always low prices…and low-lives? Always.


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