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The Weirdest RV Campground Rules

— January 20, 2023

It’s clear that the world of RV campgrounds is full of surprises and unexpected rules.

RV campgrounds are a popular way to vacation, offering an escape from the everyday grind of work and school. But there are often rules that campers must follow in order to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment. While some of these rules may be common sense (no loud music after dark!), others can be downright weird! The RV blog has prepared some of the strangest RV campground rules you might stumble across.

  • Despite the presence of an invitingly-lit VACANCY sign and office hours from 9am to 1pm, guests will be charged a $5 fee for not having made prior reservations at this RV park in central Florida. Is it just us or does something seem off about being penalized financially while trying to make use of available resources?
  • Arizona’s private campground offers unexpected limitations on how long you can stay; RV sites are limited to 21 days and tent site stays must be within a week. For longer term travelers, an additional background check is necessary – but make sure to plan ahead for weekends or holidays as there is always a minimum two-night requirement.
  • Step into the past at this classic campground on I-40 in Arizona, home to an eclectic mix of travelers and permanent residents. RVs must be model year 1996 or newer here – a nod to modern safety standards that ensure your stay is pleasant and secure! Explore this primitive spot with reviews touting it as one night’s refuge away from the daily grind, complete with boarded up RV’s adding character while preserving cherished memories.
  • RVs staying for over 30 days at the park must be equipped with their own functioning restroom and shower facilities as access to on-site showers or restrooms are not available.
  • The municipal park RV campground in Texas is dedicated to providing a safe and secure space for their guests! To ensure the best experience, non-registered guest vehicles are not allowed beyond the entry office – including those used by Taxi drivers, Uber drivers, and food delivery personnel.
  • “On a recent trip to Southern Washington, we encountered an incredibly strict campground with 10 pages of rules—four just for dogs! With no leashes longer than 6 feet and restrictions on ‘piddling’ all around the premises, one could be forgiven for feeling as if they’d have need to find diapers for their pets. To top it off, our experience was aided by a gruff female clerk whose steely stare made us feel more like prize fighters than weary travelers. Needless to say after spending the night in such tense surroundings (and plenty of sighs!), we quickly decided against any return visits.”

    Photo by RepentAnd SeekChristJesus (alexharvey) on Unsplash.
  • SC residents, if you’re in search of a camping adventure look elsewhere; this campground isn’t coming to the rescue. It only welcomes out-of-state visitors who are ready and willing to pay with cash or check — no credit cards accepted!
  • Sedona, AZ has a trailer park seemingly run by the strictest parent in town! Who knew adulting meant obeying bedtimes like you’re still five years old? But don’t worry, if we all just use our indoor voices after 10 PM then everyone’s happy. Except maybe those of us who thought they were done with parents forever…
  • With a firm and uncompromising attitude, the campground in Nova Scotia had zero tolerance for any flicker of fun past 11 o’clock – but don’t worry; they sent an obliging chap with a bucket of liquid justice to snuff out all fires at the stroke of curfew! So much for those starry evening plans.
  • This Florida CG must have thought that their grass was invincible, given they had a sign forbidding campers to put even the smallest mat on it in case it deprived sunlight and damaged such an indestructible masterpiece! But we all know RVs don’t just sit pretty; apparently this type of damage is exempt from consideration.


It’s clear that the world of RV campgrounds is full of surprises and unexpected rules. While some are more extreme than others, there is a common thread among them all that must be respected in order to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience. From strict bedtimes to no-mat grass policies, you never know what you’ll find when visiting an RV campground – so make sure to check the rules before hitting the road! Happy camping!

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