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What are Important Questions About Sexual Harassment in Arlington?

— March 9, 2022

Some people may think that certain behaviors that can be considered harassment may just be part of workplace culture or done in jest.

Arlington, TX – Workers can benefit from having a basic understanding of sexual harassment laws, and how these protections can work to help them. An overview of some frequently asked questions about sexual harassment laws can provide crucial information about identifying and reporting illegal conduct in the workplace. Employees who have additional questions can meet with Arlington sexual harassment lawyers to get answers. 

What causes sexual harassment in workplaces?

Laws that regulate workplaces and protect people from sexual harassment focus on a couple of different situations. When a worker’s boss or supervisor requests some kind of sexual conduct as prerequisite for maintaining employment or receiving certain benefits, this is known as quid pro quo harassment. This is illegal because it is caused by an abuse of authority, and the victim is targeted because of their gender. Another type of gender based harassment is a hostile work environment. This is when a worker is constantly mistreated while on the job, and the harassment is consistent enough that it would affect the ability to perform of any reasonable worker in the same situation.  

Who can become a victim of sexual harassment?

While much sexual harassment is committed by male supervisors against their female employees, the gender of the perpetrator and victims can be different. It is possible for the harasser and the victim to be of the same gender as well. Sexual harassment laws are meant to protect anyone, regardless of their gender identity. It is also possible that a person’s coworkers, customers, or clients can be responsible for creating a hostile work environment if the employer does not take steps to protect them. All victims are able to receive legal representation by sexual harassment lawyers if they choose to take action.

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Why are some victims afraid to report harassment?

The main deterrent from reporting sexual harassment is the fear of retaliation. Workers may think that after they have reported harassment, they may suddenly be demoted, disciplined, or terminated. If this happens because the victim has attempted to receive protection, the employer can face a lawsuit for retaliation along with other consequences. The prohibition on retaliation should make workers feel confident in their decision to report illegal harassment. Texas sexual harassment lawyers can also take action against any employer that has committed an act of retaliation. 

Why should sexual harassment be taken seriously?

Some people may think that certain behaviors that can be considered harassment may just be part of workplace culture or done in jest. However, the victim should make others aware that their conduct is unwelcome, and there can be serious consequences, especially if the victim’s ability to work is affected. 

Additional information about sexual harassment lawsuits is a site that connects people with lawyers in their state. Anyone who needs assistance from a local attorney can choose their location and a practice area to get connected. 

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