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What are the Best Email Marketing Tools?

— November 13, 2020

There are some beautiful pre-designed templates which you can use or you make your own following them. Hence all the progress is in your hand. The email editor lets you make some more customization and changes which you might not have ever imagined. 

Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing in recent times. Hence it is very important for you to identify what are the correct kind of tools that can be used to do better marketing for your brand. Marketing is a tough job, but with the emergence of digital media, it has become relatively easy.

As you know, now you can do your marketing from your home, just by sitting t your home. Everything is possible if you are at home and if you have an internet connection. In fact, you can also do everything on your phone and just get your leads easily.

The marketing trends are gradually changing over time, now no longer it is a trend to go to a specific location and explain about your business, you can just sit at your home and explain the same to everyone. Your target audience no longer remains limited to the geographical boundaries, it also includes the entire world as your target audience. It will help you increase your scope to reach the maximum number of users.

Some Email Marketing Tools 

A lot of brands and companies are looking for some great email marketing tools but most of them fail to do enough of research. Hence, I have done complete research of the best email marketing tools that can be used. I will discuss all of them here.

HubSpot Email Marketing 

This platform is best known for its email marketing platform. This platform has been launched very recently and it is a free tool and it is loved by the ones who actually use it. It helps to support a lot of small businesses and it will help your business to reach the success point which it wishes for. Email Marketing is a damn important aspect, which helps you to spread your business successfully.

If you know email marketing then all you need to know is what are the tools you must use and Hubspot is one of the best tools to use. The Hubspot also offers a free version of the same, you can first use that and make the decision of which tool you actually want.


Have you heard of it? Not yet? Well, let me tell you, once you get to know this, you will just love it. The sender is one of the best free email marketing tools in the market with features to ensure deliverability. Even if you are not aware of HTML, you will be able to create a stunning newsletter. You just need to choose everything from the template and customize it accordingly. You will also get, videos, images, and texts in the templates which you can use for your email marketing.

Email icon in Mac dock; image by, via
Email icon in Mac dock; image by, via

If you wish to personalize each of the emails for the different customer then even that is possible in Sender. The best thing about this tool is that it allows you to track each of the mail which is being received, and opened. It helps you to open the accurate buyer profile of the sender.


Another magical tool but not very famous, is Best Website Builders, the most famous entrepreneurs use and it is a very sophisticated e-commerce marketing tool. It helps you to do all your communication with your customer on one particular platform. It helps you to make your delivery automatic and it will help you to track down how well your email marketing is helping your target audience. It automates to help you do your work easily without worrying much about the execution of the plan.

You can easily use this platform to send out relevant messages to your customer using some targeted emails. You must design some attractive newsletter and you can also customize and personalize them according to your choice. You can also add cards and discount coupons in your own email to send it to your audience.


A platform which is a bomb combination, it also allows you to do anything that you wish to do. This platform is a package for you. It has tons of email templates that are professionally designed and you can use them as if they are designed by professionals. That is actually amazing that you get to use professional design without even hiring any professional. This is the best facility that Send Pulse gives you. Many young businessmen have used it and have come up with their views saying that it has actually amazing to use this platform.

You can also get your email customized and get them sent to the correct person at the right time, which means that you can schedule the sending. You have the amazing facility of drag and drop, you can drag and drop everything that you wish to. It helps you to identify your valuable user in many ways possible and helps you to understand their interest hence you would be able to curate the customers accordingly.

Benchmark Email

This has already set a benchmark among the other platforms of email marketing. Since we all know that email marketing is a stronger tool for digital marketing hence, we must also know which platforms help us do that. This platform helps you to add images on your email and do modifications, it will try by itself and suggest some of the ways in which you must do it.

There are some beautiful pre-designed templates which you can use or you make your own following them. Hence all the progress is in your hand. The email editor lets you make some more customization and changes which you might not have ever imagined.

Wrapping Up! 

Having said that there are many email marketing tools, I would also suggest you not to just follow my article. You need to do some research work. Try to find out all the possible platforms which allow you to do such edits and such kind of work. It will help you to get an idea about what are the possible things you can do and then you can make changes accordingly.

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