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What are the Main Causes of Car Accidents in New Haven?

— August 8, 2022

Drivers drifting in another lane are responsible for 11.7% of all crashes in Connecticut.

New Haven, CT – They are called car accidents, but it’s not a problem with the cars, it’s about the people who drive them. There are, indeed, rare cases when there’s a mechanical failure, but for the most part, it’s the drivers who are to blame. In 2020, car accidents in Connecticut were up almost 20% as compared to 2019. Overall, 303 people were killed and several thousand were wounded in crashes on Connecticut roads. 

Here’s a breakdown of the most common causes of car accidents in Connecticut and what you can do to recover the damages you deserve.

Drunk driving

One in four crashes in Connecticut is caused by too much alcohol. Any driver caught having a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher may face a DUI charge and they may even go to jail if they kill or injure someone. However, victims must talk to an experienced car accident lawyer in New Haven and file a civil lawsuit. In a DUI case, victims may also use the Dram Shop Law to sue the establishment that sold alcohol to the driver. In Connecticut, it is illegal to sell alcohol to a visibly intoxicated customer.


According to the Connecticut Department of Transportation, tailgating accounts for 14% of all crashes in the state. Tailgating or following a car too closely is considered reckless driving, which is a form of negligence. If you are injured in a tailgating accident you can file a claim against the other driver’s insurance or sue them. 

Drifting from lane

Texting while driving; image by Roman Pohorecki, via, CC0.
Texting while driving; image by Roman Pohorecki, via, CC0.

Drivers drifting in another lane are responsible for 11.7% of all crashes in Connecticut. In such a case you really must contact seasoned Connecticut accident lawyers to determine what really happened and why. For instance, the other driver may have been distracted and this is what made him drift to your lane. Your lawyers will have to prove what exactly was going on and you can help them by taking some pictures at the scene of the crash.

If at all possible, grab your phone and snap a few pictures of the other car. Maybe there are food or alcohol containers on the other seat, indicating that the other driver was having lunch while at the wheel. While this is not technically illegal, it is still negligence and you can use it as grounds to hold them accountable for damages.

Failure to yield

Failure to yield is the first harmful event in almost 6% of all crashes. As this is a traffic rule violation, there’s no doubt you can get damages from the party at fault.


Surprisingly, speeding is the main cause of less than 5% of all accidents. However, you need to be careful if you were also above the speed limit. Keep in mind that Connecticut follows the modified comparative negligence rule. You’d better get yourself a good lawyer, because, if you are found to be 50% or more to blame for the crash you lose your right to recover damages. 

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