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What are the Requirements to Drive Commercial Trucks in Albuquerque?

— December 8, 2022

All truckers need a CDL or commercial drivers license to operate semi trucks and other similar large vehicles legally.

Albuquerque, NM – There are a number of important regulations at both the state and federal level that determine who can drive trucks for their employer and other important aspects of the industry. These kinds of regulations are crucial, as trucking accidents are a source of great expense, life changing injuries and fatalities. If a truck driver or their employer does not follow these rules, they can face consequences which include civil lawsuits to pay for any damage that they caused during an accident. It is also important for anyone who was hurt by a commercial vehicle driver to get advice from a licensed attorney regarding the potential for a lawsuit for compensation. 

Commercial driver’s licenses

All truckers need a CDL or commercial drivers license to operate semi trucks and other similar large vehicles legally. The applicant will need to pass a written test that surveys information related to commercial vehicles along with any specific information that is relevant to the class of vehicle that they will operate. The applicant will also need to pass a driving skills test after they are issued a learner’s permit to start to develop their commercial driving skills. Administrative requirements also include having a standard driver’s license, along with proof of citizenship and residency in the state. Truck drivers who plan on handling hazardous materials must get an additional authorization by having their fingerprints taken and getting a background check due to the dangerous nature of this kind of work. 

Federal regulations that apply to drivers

Truck driver inside cab; image by Thai An, via
Truck driver inside cab; image by Thai An, via

Many drivers will be driving into other states while working, which means that they also need to be mindful of various interstate regulations passed at the federal level. These include limitations on the size and weight of trucks and other vehicles, limits on the total number of driving hours the person can operate their vehicle each day, and vehicle inspections at weigh stations on various highways. Companies that do not properly comply with these federal regulations can face financial consequences, and drivers who have violated rules such as hour of service regulations may have difficulty finding or maintaining employment based on their driving record. 

New Mexico truck accident lawyers

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