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What Can Be Done When You Face a Torrent-Related Lawsuit

— August 6, 2020

In situations where you find yourself facing infringement lawsuits, consult with a reputed national torrent defense attorney to save you from heavy penalties.

Often, many people download media through a torrent network and this is a common practice among young people. But sharing or downloading the files online could be an infringement of the copyright law. Many believe that downloading files for personal use doesn’t result in any legal consequences. On the contrary, they do.

Filmmakers repeatedly take action against those who illegally download their works and people who lose intellectual property lawsuits have to pay a huge penalty to the plaintiff.

Lawsuits associated with online intellectual property issues are a common concern and you may find yourself in serious trouble with such content. Anybody facing a lawsuit related to downloading copyrighted materials or BitTorrent must carefully evaluate their options.

Online downloading and BitTorrent lawsuits is a quite complicated legal area.

To some people, a settlement is a better option.

You may not be able to fathom how serious the matter can be and if you are wondering how can a company prove that you are responsible for the act of copyright infringement, the truth is that anything you do online leaves a footprint. There could be records of downloads in the hard drive, even after the file has been deleted.

Some people try to take advantage of various IP addresses or use a public network to hide behind anonymity. No matter how carefully you try to hide your online actions, it is likely that the plaintiff can prove that you downloaded copyrighted content. What you will need to do is fair negotiation and a fair settlement.

Defense possibilities in copyright infringement lawsuits

Suppose you are not the responsible person, but a member of your family or your friend downloaded any file from your system, this may help you in court. There are many ways to defend yourself or someone you know, who is facing allegations of copyright infringement. The only best way to deal with it is to talk to a national torrent defense attorney who has experience with intellectual property cases. With professional guidance, you can mitigate the harsher impact of a lawsuit in such cases.

Another important mention is that if your name gets inserted into the lawsuit then that may appear in online searches that are carried out during employment-related background searches, and that can hinder you from fetching a job in the future on having to explain why you had been a defendant in a movie piracy case.

After how many days of downloading can a movie production company sue?

Generally, the copyright statute of limitations is three years and you may get a notice for infringement before the period expires. Sometimes a movie company may wait to allow you many downloads so that the cases of infringement against you get racked up and then take legal action. This is done to increase infringement damages and claim more penalty from you.

Movie Theater
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The legal defenses to a piracy allegation

A common defense is an unsecured Wi-Fi network where you can show that a third person, maybe your roommate, friend, family member, or a neighbour is responsible for the illegal download through the Wi-Fi.  But know that many ISP agreements may show that you could be held responsible for any activity from your account.

How long does it take to settle a case?

It can take from a few days to a few months.


In situations where you find yourself facing infringement lawsuits, consult with a reputed national torrent defense attorney to save you from heavy penalties. It is an essential responsibility of a lawyer to represent you rightly and guide you well through the legal proceedings and carry out all paperwork.

Do not waste tour valuable time, and find an expert in this niche to efficiently and effectively settle your case. 

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