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What Can Victims of Employment Discrimination Do to Protect Their Rights in Kansas?

— June 28, 2022

There are federal civil rights laws that protect all employees from discrimination.

Wichita, KS – Even though it is illegal for employers to engage in discriminatory behavior, it still happens regularly in Kansas and other states around the country. The federal government has passed laws that protect workers from a number of different types of mistreatment based on certain protected characteristics. Victims are given the ability to file lawsuits against an employer who has engaged in these practices and receive compensation from them. There are labor and employment attorneys in Kansas who have significant experience in matters related to discrimination. 

Protected classes

Certain characteristics are always protected from any kind of negative treatment by employers. This includes race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, and religion. Employers cannot terminate someone’s position, demote them, take away pay or benefits, or discipline them in any manner because of these characteristics. Sexual harassment is also a form of discrimination that is based on the victim’s gender or sex. These protections also extend in situations where the person is not technically an employee, such as during job interviews. 

Pre-textual forms of discrimination

When employers are engaged in discrimination, it is unlikely that they will clearly state an illegal intention behind their actions. However, other seemingly legitimate actions may be used as a pretext for discrimination. This can include things like negative performance reviews, or other company changes. For example, there are situations where some workers have been in the same position for years, then they will suddenly receive a negative performance review and either lose their job or receive a demotion. In many cases, the worker can show that there was no legitimate change in their performance that would warrant such action, and the employer is discriminating against them. 

Discrimination lawsuits

Gavel on copy of lawsuit; image by Wirestock, via
Gavel on copy of lawsuit; image by Wirestock, via

There are federal civil rights laws that protect all employees from discrimination. After a person believes that they have become a victim of illegal actions by their employer, these laws can form the basis for a civil case filed against the employer. If the employer is found to have violated the law, they will be responsible for paying the victim certain kinds of damages for their losses. These can include missing prior pay and future lost wages, as well as the loss of the value of the benefits that the worker received. If the worker needed to attend some kind of treatment or counseling, they may also add these costs into their damages. Things like pay statements and medical bills can be sufficient to prove the value of these losses. 

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