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What Can Workplaces Do to Prevent Sexual Harassment in Copperas Cove?

— January 11, 2022

Retaliation can be just as serious of a problem for workplaces as harassment, and it can also result in serious legal consequences. 

Copperas Cove, TX – It is in the interest of every employer and workplace to try to limit instances of sexual harassment among their employees. Lawsuits can become a large source of liability and financial problems, and negative publicity tends to follow companies where workers have experienced illegal harassment. Any company that wants to set a positive example for their employees should have certain procedures in place, and they can also get advice from an attorney about how to best respond in their particular situation. 

Having a clear policy

The workplace should have a specific policy for sexual harassment that contains important definitions and information. This should be readily available and posted in conspicuous places throughout the office or work environment. Workers should be given time to review the terms of the policy, ask questions, and know where they can go to report issues with harassment. 

Regular employee training

All workers should have had some kind of sexual harassment training and basic knowledge of how workplace harassment happens. This can either be done for new hires, or the company may choose to have period training sessions for all workers. Training can help raise awareness of the problem, and give workers specific examples of when they may come across harassment in their industry. As policies change and more information becomes available, training should be updated and adapted to the realities of the workplace and contemporary laws. 

Taking complaints seriously

Four Women File Sexual Harassment Complaints Against Female Supervisor
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Whenever a worker makes a formal complaint about harassment to the appropriate person or department, the complaint should be taken seriously and investigated. This will include going through whatever process the company has through human resources or other departments to make findings and decide on a course of action to remedy the situation. If the company is able to stop harassment at this point, it is unlikely that lawsuits or other measures will be necessary. 

At the conclusion of the investigation, if any workers are found to be responsible for illegal harassment, they should be reprimanded or disciplined accordingly, which is likely to cause the behavior to stop. The employer should also be careful to monitor for retaliation, so that workers do not fear reporting future incidents of harassment. Retaliation can be just as serious of a problem for workplaces as harassment, and it can also result in serious legal consequences. 

Advice from local sexual harassment lawyers

Moore and Associates is a firm that focuses on labor and employment issues such as unpaid wages, sexual harassment, and overtime law. Their attorneys are available to meet with anyone who has questions about suing their workplace. 

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