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What Causes the Most Truck Accidents in Louisville, Kentucky?

— February 15, 2022

Truck accidents are also especially dangerous because trucks have larger blind spots or no-zones, and this can make lane changes difficult.

Driver error is the leading cause of truck accidents in Louisville, Kentucky. The National Transportation Safety Board confirms this fact and indicates that majority of the accidents that take place do so because the driver is unable to control their vehicle, or because they fail to follow the proper driving protocols. This is especially true when it comes to truck accidents as opposed to regular passenger vehicle collisions. When truck accidents were analyzed, it was determined that most of these collisions occur because drivers are caught illegally driving above the limit that is mandated to them by the law.

Why would truck drivers’ risk everything to drive longer hours? Most truck drivers are paid per hour and to increase their wages, these drivers often opt to continue driving above the time the government allows them. This causes many fatigued and exhausted truck drivers to operate their vehicle when they are in no mental state to be doing so and leads to many collisions. To make matters worse, some truck drivers go as far as consuming illegal substances to help them stay awake on the road. This makes the crime even worse and if an accident occurs and victims are injured, the truck driver will have to pay the price in full and the trucking company will likely be held liable for their actions as well.

Speeding is another reason that truck drivers often find themselves in problematic collisions. Victims of a truck accident will almost always face catastrophic damages and they should not delay seeking legal action. Get in touch with a truck accident attorney as soon as possible to begin filing a truck accident claim.

What makes truck accidents so dangerous in Louisville, KY?

Image of a Trucker Traffic Sign
Trucker Traffic Sign; image courtesy of Coolcaesar via Wikimedia Commons,

Truck accidents are nothing to be taken lightly because these vehicles are often 20 times the weight of a regular vehicle. This is a lot of weight to carry around and in no way is it easy to drive one of these vehicles at high speeds on the road. Truck accidents are also especially dangerous because trucks have larger blind spots or no-zones, and this can make it difficult for the truck driver to know when to change lanes and make similar moves while driving.

The economy needs commercial trucks to thrive, however, truck drivers need to make sure they carry the proper license and that they are following all of the required rules, so they do their part in trying to prevent these accidents from occurring at all costs.

When a truck accident does occur, medical help should be sought right away, and a truck accident lawyer should be called so a person can determine what the next legal steps are for them to get justice and start rebuilding their life again.

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