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What Constitutes Nursing Home Abuse in Mississippi?

— November 7, 2022

You can file a personal injury claim against the member of the staff that has been abusing your loved one or you can sue the nursing home.

When you take a loved one to a nursing home or an assisted living facility it’s always with a heavy heart, but you tell yourself that they’ll enjoy better care than you could provide. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Nursing home abuse is a real problem, not only in Mississippi, but all over the country and it often goes unreported. The only way to put an end to this intolerable situation is to watch over your loved ones and take swift action whenever you notice any sign of elderly abuse. You need to contact the best nursing home abuse lawyers in Mississippi you can find and file a lawsuit against those responsible. They need to pay for what they’ve done and maybe this will teach them a lesson and they’ll learn to take better care of those in their charge. 

What constitutes nursing home abuse in Mississippi?

No matter what type of assisted living facility your loved one resides in, the staff and the management are responsible for their welfare. For a frail elderly person even a simple slip and fall can spell the end of their independent life. Hip fractures are the most dangerous. An elderly person may never regain mobility and they may be confined to their bed for the rest of their lives. 

If that happens to a relative of yours, you must find out what really happened. The personnel will tell you that old people tend to lose their balance easily, which may indeed be true. However, if it’s a case of negligence and that tragic accident could have been prevented had they been more careful, those responsible should be held accountable. Schedule a free consultation with a skilled nursing home abuse lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi, and see what they make of it. You can file a personal injury claim so your loved one can be compensated for their suffering. Money cannot undo the harm that’s been done to them, but it can get them the best possible medical care and make their life easier.

Life-threatening Sepsis Continues to Run Rampant in U.S. Nursing Homes
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Other types of nursing home abuse includes neglect that results in bedsore, malnutrition, dehydration, infection or sepsis.

Emotional abuse is a very delicate problem and you’ll need a very smart nursing home abuse lawyer to prove that in court. It is your duty to look for signs of emotional abuse. If your grandma seems distant and fearful when you visit her, ask yourself why. She may say everything’s fine, because she doesn’t want to burden you with any more problems, but also out of fear of retaliation. Be persistent and ask about her everyday life to understand what’s going on. If a nurse has an aggressive or intimidating behavior, you cannot abandon your grandma to her fate. An experienced Mississippi nursing home abuse lawyer can help you sue them for considerable damages, so you can move your loved one to a really nice place where she’ll be safe. 

You can file a personal injury claim against the member of the staff that has been abusing your loved one or you can sue the nursing home. If they are understaffed or if their staff is not being monitored properly, they deserve to pay for their negligence. 

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