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What Does a Lawyer Do to File an Accident Lawsuit?

— April 18, 2022

Civil lawsuits begin when the lawyer files a document known as a complaint in the proper local court system.

Chicago, IL – There are many attorneys in Illinois and other states who focus their practice on helping people who have been recently injured in some kind of accident. Legal help is necessary because the victim usually has medical expenses, property damage, missed time from work, and other financial losses. Even if the person had insurance, a civil lawsuit may be the only way to get sufficient compensation for all losses associated with the incident. Meeting with a lawyer is the first step to start the process and assist the person with their case.  

Legal consultations

Most accident firms in Illinois advertise that they offer consultations to anyone who needs legal advice. This is where the attorney will meet with the client for the first time and discuss the process of a lawsuit, as well as answer any related questions. 

People of all economic backgrounds can bring accident cases because it is most common for firms to work on a contingent fee basis for these lawsuits. This means that the client only pays the firm if they are successful in receiving compensation, and the client pays a percentage of the money received, rather than having to pay for legal services up front. 

Gathering evidence

Immediately after the incident, the victim should contact the local police and get the contact information of the other people involved. It is also important for the person to take pictures of the accident scene, see if there are any witnesses, and document their damage. After the case is filed, the defendant and the plaintiff’s lawyer will need to exchange all relevant information during the discovery process. It is also possible that the firm will take additional steps to investigate after they have taken the case. 

Filing the complaint

Gavel on copy of lawsuit; image by Wirestock, via
Gavel on copy of lawsuit; image by Wirestock, via

Civil lawsuits begin when the lawyer files a document known as a complaint in the proper local court system. A copy of the complaint is also served onto the defendant. This document lists the facts that led to the collision, makes arguments as to why the defendant was negligent and legally responsible, and asks for relief from the courts. In civil cases, the relief almost always comes in the form of damages, or compensation for the plaintiff. A negligence case has the advantage of listing all of the plaintiff’s losses and arguing that the defendant needs to pay for them all. The victim can also ask for non-economic damages related to their pain and suffering.

Finding an accident lawyer in Illinois is a site that helps people locate the right lawyer in their area. Anyone who has been involved in an accident in Chicago can choose a practice area and their location to get information about meeting with a local legal professional. 

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