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What Happens During a Sexual Harassment Investigation in Dearborn?

— December 15, 2021

Once it becomes known that the victim has reported harassment, they should be protected within the company from retaliation by their superiors or any other coworkers.

Dearborn, MI – Companies should have their own procedures in place to receive and investigate claims of sexual harassment. This is one of the best ways for a business in Michigan to avoid liability and end harassment in its early stages before the issue becomes larger and more problematic. However, there should also be specific protocols in place that are used during a sexual harassment investigation to ensure the matter is reviewed properly and the victim is protected from future incidents. 

Interviewing the victim

The investigator should obtain some basic information from the victim to get an outline of what happened. This normally includes things like the time, place, date, and location of the alleged conduct. The victim should be able to identify the person or people responsible for the harassment, what was said, whether the harassment was verbal or physical, and other important details that will help the investigator make a determination as to how to respond. If there are gaps in the victim’s memory due to a time lapse between the incident and the report, the employer should try to uncover these facts during their investigation. After the interview is over, some companies may choose to have the victim or other witnesses sign off on a written declaration of facts and ensure its accuracy. This may be used as evidence at a later time. 

Gathering evidence

Once the company knows about the incident and the victim’s version of the story, they should attempt to find relevant pieces of evidence. This may include things like workplace communications such as emails and messages, there may be video evidence or surveillance, and testimony from others who were present or involved. The evidence should help give the investigators a more objective idea of what took place and what actions will be necessary.  

Making determinations

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After the employer has a clearer understanding of what took place, they can act accordingly. This can include reprimanding and informing the person responsible of their behavior, as well as any potential forms of discipline they may face. The victim should be protected as well, and the investigation should be used as a way of eliminating the problem. Information obtained during the investigation will be kept confidential, but the employer should also receive guidance about handling future harassment issues based on what they discovered. 

Protecting the victim against retaliation

Once it becomes known that the victim has reported harassment, they should be protected within the company from retaliation by their superiors or any other coworkers. Retaliation is illegal and it can result in separate legal action against the employer by the victim. 

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