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What Happens to Companies That Violate Wage Laws in Flower Mound?

— October 13, 2022

An additional rule for unpaid wage claims is that the employer cannot retaliate against workers who file unpaid wage lawsuits or complaints.

Flower Mound, TX – Various forms of wage theft routinely affect workers in Texas and other states. Employers who commit wage theft and violate pay regulations can face fines, lawsuits, and other consequences including criminal charges depending on the specific violation in question and how they respond. There are agencies at both the state and federal level that have the authority to investigate unpaid wage issues and take action against employers when necessary. Workers who have questions about whether wage theft is affecting them can contact a local labor attorney or notify the appropriate local agency. 

Labor agencies 

Agencies such as the Texas Workforce Commission and the U.S. Department of Labor have the authority to investigate claims of unpaid wages, along with violations of other wage laws such as those that govern minimum wage and overtime pay. Any worker has the option of filing a formal complaint, and having these agencies gather evidence or question the employer. The employers are required to keep full records of their employees’ hours and pay that are available for inspection during these investigations under the relevant wage laws.

Fines and charges

Depending on the severity of the violation and whether it was done intentionally or not, the employer can face civil penalties or criminal charges. Fines against employers for wage law violations tend to range in the one to ten thousand dollar range. It is also possible that a company that engaged in illegal pay practices will not be allowed to ship their goods in interstate commerce, as the federal government has control over such matters under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. 

Unpaid wage lawsuits

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Workers in Texas always have the right to retain an attorney and see if a lawsuit is necessary. If there is a legitimate claim for unpaid wages or overtime that has not been solved by the employer, the worker’s damages will include all of the outstanding back pay, plus there is the possibility of interest or liquidated damages. Anyone who wants to make a claim for missing pay through their attorney or an agency should do so within six months of when their pay was initially due.  

An additional rule for unpaid wage claims is that the employer cannot retaliate against workers who file unpaid wage lawsuits or complaints by terminating their position or disciplining them, otherwise they risk additional consequences. 

Employment lawyers in Texas

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