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What is a Hostile Work Environment in Tulsa?

— June 10, 2022

The victim can show that their mistreatment was done by a boss or supervisor, other coworkers, or even non-employees such as customers.

Tulsa, OK – Sexual harassment is a form of serious workplace mistreatment that is based on gender or sex. When harassment gets to the point where the victim cannot focus on their job because of the severity of the mistreatment, they can prevail in a civil lawsuit for damages. These kinds of lawsuits are related to hostile work environments. There are a few specific things that a victim of sexual harassment will need to prove to be successful, and it is crucial to retain experienced sexual harassment lawyers to increase the chances of getting a favorable result in hostile work environment cases.

The reasonable worker standard

The plaintiff in the case must show that any reasonable worker in their situation would have been affected by the conduct in question. This analysis can vary greatly based on the specific facts regarding what was said or done to the victim. In most cases, this means that just one inappropriate act or offensive comment will not be enough to prove a hostile work environment. The problems need to be pervasive and happen regularly. 

Oklahoma sexual harassment lawyers can give more specific advice regarding a worker’s particular situations, and whether their problems rise to the level of a hostile work environment. 

Gender based discrimination

Student Files 'Two Genders' Lawsuit Against School
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Sexual harassment is a form of gender based discrimination, so it is important to show that the mistreatment was primarily due to the person’s gender or sex. Other forms of serious workplace mistreatment may be legally actionable under discrimination laws or other labor regulations, but if the mistreatment is for a different reason, then it is likely not sexual harassment. Tulsa sexual harassment lawyers help victims of poor treatment determine what actions should be taken against the workplace based on the victim’s particular situation. 

Who is responsible for a hostile work environment?

The victim can show that their mistreatment was done by a boss or supervisor, other coworkers, or even non-employees such as customers. This is because workplaces have an affirmative duty to protect their workers from various forms of mistreatment, including sexual harassment. The employer can be considered legally responsible for allowing such conduct to take place, especially if the victim had already notified the employer of their problems. 

Usually when the harassment is committed by a person in a position of authority over the victim this is considered quid pro quo harassment rather than a hostile work environment. This is because the victim’s boss has the authority to discipline them or terminate their position for not complying with their demands. 

More information about bringing a lawsuit is a site where people can find lawyers who match their needs in Tulsa and other cities. Anyone who is looking for legal help can choose their state and a practice area to get more information. 

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