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What is the Average Settlement for a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

— March 1, 2022

When a patient requires expensive treatments, the lawyer can increase the value of the settlement.

During the last 15 years, more than 100,000 people have claimed that a hernia mesh caused severe injuries, and many have received substantial settlements. If a patient contacts an experienced lawyer, the legal expert can evaluate the costs of the medical services, the effects of the hernia mesh, the patient’s symptoms, and the design of the defective hernia mesh.

Examining the Average Value of a Settlement

Many patients who filed lawsuits received settlements worth at least $50,000, while some obtained settlements of more than $200,000. According to reports, the average value of a settlement is around $105,000. Rarely, a manufacturer might offer a staggering settlement that crosses the $1 million mark.

If you suspect you might have a case, start by searching for “hernia mesh lawsuit lawyers near me.” An experienced attorney can examine the case, provide a detailed consultation, review the evidence and answer all your questions. The lawyer may also estimate the value of your claim and can describe several factors that might increase the claim’s worth.

Understanding the Factors That Could Affect the Value of a Settlement

When a lawyer examines a case, they can evaluate the injuries, the medical records, the hernia mesh used, and the client’s statements. Subsequently, the lawyer can create a detailed report that describes the effects of the hernia mesh. 

The main factors that can affect the value of your settlement include:

  • The extent of injuries
  • Medical costs associated with your recovery due to the defective hernia mesh
  • Pain and suffering
  • The impact on your career and family life

Eventually, after negotiations, the manufacturer may offer a settlement. An accord can be reached in the pre-trial phase, thus the case will avoid reaching a courtroom.

Evaluating the Costs of Medical Services

If a hernia mesh causes a severe injury, medical experts may suggest multiple treatments to fix the problem. They could remove the hernia mesh or recommend a procedure to repair it, if possible. Once the medical experts repair the hernia, the specialized treatments can reduce soreness, decrease swelling and minimize inflammation.

Doctor performing surgery; image by Pixabay, via
Doctor performing surgery; image by Pixabay, via

Regardless of the path you take, experienced lawyers can examine the costs of the medical services: 

  • The price of each appointment
  • Costs of medications
  • Future costs of the treatments

When a patient requires expensive treatments, the lawyer can increase the value of the settlement.

Examining the Medical Records and Gathering Evidence

The attorneys can evaluate the medical reports, obtain detailed statements and compare several types of reports. Usually, these reports may describe injuries, effects of the hernia mesh, and the appropriate treatments.

The lawyers could review the design of the hernia mesh and evaluate reviews that describe the defective mesh. One of the leads lawyers typically investigate is a faulty design. Consequently, the manufacturer may increase the value of the settlement. This can also lead to a product recall to prevent other patients from being hurt by a defective medical product.

Sometimes, a company might not agree to a settlement, and the lawyer may request a trial. During the trial, the attorney can present the evidence, describe the defective hernia mesh the injuries suffered by the victim. The goal is to convince the jury with the arguments you provide.

If the defendant is found guilty, the client may receive a larger award than expected from a settlement. It is essential to seek legal guidance as soon as possible to build a strong case. A lawyer will make sure that your rights are protected throughout the entire process and that you are safe going up against a big corporation.

Choosing an Experienced Attorney

Once you contact a law firm, you can schedule a free consultation to present your case to a qualified attorney. The initial talk can be very helpful in assessing the strength of your case and identifying your legal options to pursue justice.

Furthermore, the free initial consultation is also a great opportunity to see if you and the lawyer are a good professional match. It is essential to go with an attorney whom you trust. Also, you should feel comfortable in their presence, as you will be required to share sensitive information about yourself. A positive client-attorney relationship is crucial for a successful collaboration.

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