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What Kind of Hazards Can Cause Slips and Falls?

— August 1, 2022

Lighting is one of the most overlooked hazards for slips and falls.

Most of us never consider the various hazards that can lead to slips and falls – until it’s too late. The truth is that even the most well-maintained stores and establishments can be home to all kinds of dangerous surfaces, slippery liquids, and other sources of concern. So what kind of hazards can cause slips and falls? More importantly, what kinds of hazards can lead to personal injury lawsuits?

The latter question is especially important, since a personal injury claim is often the only viable way to recover adequate compensation for your medical expenses, your missed wages, and other damages. The good news is that with the help of a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in Louisiana, you can prove negligence, gather evidence, and recover the settlement you need and deserve. It’s best to get started as soon as possible, since the statute of limitations can prevent you from suing if you wait too long. 

Wet Floors

Slips and falls are often caused by wet floors1. Floors may be left wet for a number of reasons. Sometimes, they are simply wet because they have recently been cleaned. In other situations, staff members or other customers may have spilled liquids on the surface. In both situations, the property owner has a responsibility to clean up the hazard as quickly as possible. At the very least, they are required to place a “wet floor” sign next to the hazard in a clearly-visible manner.

Yellow "Caution Wet Floor" sign; image by adpeople0, via
Yellow “Caution Wet Floor” sign; image by adpeople0, via


Debris can be just as hazardous as liquids2. For example, small chunks of food, nails, or rocks can easily cause people to lose their footing and trip. Once again, the property owner has a legal responsibility to keep walking areas clear at all times. If debris is present, they must set up a warning sign until they address the hazard. 

Dimly-Lit Areas

Lighting is one of the most overlooked hazards for slips and falls. When people can’t see where they’re walking, it becomes very difficult to stay on their feet. This is an especially hazardous situation for elderly people and the visually-impaired. Tragic accidents can occur in dimly-lit stairwells, causing people to fall long distances and suffer tremendous injuries. 

Broken Stairs 

Speaking of stairs, many properties have staircases that are completely broken. Steps may be missing, handrails may be nowhere to be found, and the staircase may not have been built according to code. 

Where Can I Find an Attorney Near Me?

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in Baton Rouge, look no further than Miller, Hampton & Hilgendorf. With our assistance, you can hold negligent property owners accountable for the injuries they have caused you. More importantly, you can recover a considerable settlement for everything you’ve been forced to endure. Remember, internet research only gets you so far – so book your consultation today to get started. 



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