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What Kinds of Alimony Payments May Be Awarded After a Divorce in Phoenix?

— January 27, 2022

The state’s family courts divide payments into three types.

Alimony or spousal support payments are awarded in Arizona after some divorces. The law states that this is only done if one spouse lacks the kind of property and income necessary to support their personal needs after the marriage ends. Other factors that may be analyzed are the spouse’s ability to become financially independent and their contributions to the marriage over the years. 

Amounts of payments

The specific amounts in play can vary based on a few different factors. The Arizona statutes list these factors and they may be considered by the judge during the divorce and any separate hearings related to alimony. The specific income levels and standard of living that the couple had while married are always important. In addition to these financial concerns, the judge can look at how long the marriage lasted, how much each spouse can earn and other background issues such as their education level and career prospects. If one spouse contributed to the other’s education, training, or other factors related to their earning capacity, this can be considered as well. Finally, the judge can look at how long it may take the spouse seeking the payments to become financially stable on their own through things like training, education, and finding appropriate employment.

Man on sidewalk watching woman walk away with her bags; image by Jurien Huggins, via
Man on sidewalk watching woman walk away with her bags; image by Jurien Huggins, via

Three types of payments in Arizona

The state’s family courts divide payments into three types. The first is called permanent alimony. These payments can potentially last forever, but the term permanent is meant more to show that no termination date has been set or considered. Permanent alimony awards usually only happen if it does not seem that one spouse will ever be able to establish financial stability or independence after a marriage. This usually means that the marriage was very long or the recipient is at an advanced age. 

Rehabilitative alimony is the most likely outcome of a divorce where alimony is issued in Arizona. This means that the spouse will receive payments until a specific date is reached or the spouse has met certain conditions which show career or financial progress like starting a new position or completing schooling. 

Compensatory alimony is the final type. This is like a payout to a spouse for their time and efforts related to the marriage. This kind of alimony is only set to be paid out for a specified duration or to meet certain conditions. 

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