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What Legal Steps Should Victims of Domestic Violence Take in Naples, Florida?

— December 22, 2021

Domestic violence is a criminal act and the victims of such aggressive behavior need to make sure they inform the authorities of everything they have been going through. Reporting abuse should never be delayed because the longer the victim allows the offender to carry out their behavior, the more severe their abuse can become to the point that it is life-threatening. However, before making a legal complaint, it is best to collect as much evidence and document all the evidence a person can just so it is easier for the authorities to verify the harm and charge the assailant.

In Florida, one of the first authorities that can be connected with are the police as they will be able to inform a person of how to obtain a Temporary Restraining Order. They may also be able to temporarily help a person settle matters such as child custody and living accommodations. However, all this stuff will arise again later so it can be decided in permanence in court through trial and a proper judge order.

Man in handcuffs; image via Pxhere, CC0.
Man in handcuffs; image via Pxhere, CC0.

Another professional who should be contacted when domestic abuse occurs is a family attorney. A family lawyer will aid and support a person with filing a proper domestic violence complaint. Victims may feel like this is something they can easily do on their own, but the truth is that police officers can easily misinterpret a person’s words and intentions, and the only way to make sure that a person is using the correct wording and approach to their complaint is by first discussing the situation with an expert attorney who has seen and dealt with several cases of this nature in the past. Once this phase is over, the victim can get further help from their lawyer to secure their protection and settle matters such as divorce and child custody.

How to find the right domestic violence lawyer in Naples Florida?

Not all lawyers and law firms offer the same quality of work. An excellent lawyer will be very efficient in their communication, and they will have relevant work experience so they can give a person practical advice on what moves they should make so their voices heard and not simply disregarded.

Domestic violence is a very sensitive topic and dealing with it can put the victim through a significant amount of trauma and make them feel as if they are better off being silent. However, the only way to rid oneself of the abuse is to speak out and take measures to protect oneself and their loved ones and the sooner the victim acts, the sooner they can find respite. 

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