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What Precautions Does a Truck Driver Need to Take to Avoid Accidents in Lake City?

— January 25, 2022

All cargo should be properly loaded and secured as necessary. Any relevant weight limits should be observed as well.

Trucking is a dangerous job, and just one minor mistake can result in a crash. For this reason, truckers receive special training and they must regularly observe certain regulations to minimize the possibility that an accident will happen. If someone has been hurt by a truck driver, they can get legal help to learn more about bringing a lawsuit against the company responsible. 

Mandatory break and rest periods

Truckers are told that they must stop driving at certain intervals of time, and that their total driving hours each day must be limited. This is required by federal transportation guidelines, mostly because fatigued driving is very dangerous and a common cause of serious and deadly truck accidents. There may be punishments for drivers who work too much or violate the relevant hours of service rules. There are also special recordkeeping requirements where the driver must show their logs of driving and break time.

Vehicle maintenance

Because truckers are on the roads for such long periods of time, things like brake and tire failures are common. These kinds of failures are also a very common cause of accidents, as a sudden problem while traveling at a high speed is likely to cause the driver to lose control. All trucking companies should have some kind of maintenance protocol in place so that the vehicle is checked regularly. The driver should also check their truck periodically while on the roads to make sure that there are no mechanical problems or cargo issues. 

A truck that has not been properly maintained may be forced out of service by the state police at a weigh station. 

Avoiding alcohol and controlled substances

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Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is illegal for commercial drivers just like all other drivers. However, commercial vehicle drivers and truckers can face greater consequences for a DUI conviction, such as loss of their commercial driving privileges. This is also an important safety rule to follow because the trucking industry has had documented substance abuse problems among drivers for quite some time. 

Cargo issues

All cargo should be properly loaded and secured as necessary. Any relevant weight limits should be observed as well. If the cargo is too heavy or becomes unbalanced, the driver can easily lose control during a turn or while braking. It is likely that an unsecured load can cause the trailer to flip over at these times. 

Legal help after an accident

Koberlein Law Offices is available to help anyone who has been injured in an accident in the Lake City area. Their attorneys are licensed in Florida and they have extensive experience with motor vehicle crash cases.

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