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What Problems May Arise During a Child Custody Dispute in Pennsylvania?

— April 22, 2022

Just because a parent is physically with their child does not mean that they have absolute authority to decide what their child does.

Philadelphia, PA – Any kind of child custody dispute involves two parents who may become emotional, frustrated, and angry. This situation tends to create some serious problems between the two parents, and there may even need to be intervention by the courts or government agencies. Parents who are about to go through custody issues should be aware of some potential problems and how to protect themselves. 

Interference with the parenting plan

Once a schedule for shared custody of a child has been put in place, this is a serious legal obligation that needs to be followed closely. Despite the fact that someone who disobeys the plan can be put in contempt of court, this is one of the most common child custody problems. Any deviation from the plan as it is written is commonly called interference. The court has the authority to take various actions against a parent who has violated a custody order.  

Travel plans

Many parents will need to travel or move at some point in their lives. However, if there are custody issues, these kinds of actions will require court approval. A parent cannot simply pick up and move with their child if the other biological parent has custody time. The parties must either agree or formally ask the judge for a modification of their current arrangements. 

Conflicts with physical versus legal custody

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Just because a parent is physically with their child does not mean that they have absolute authority to decide what their child does. In family law, legal custody is the term used to define how the child is actually raised and how important decisions are made about how the parents and child may spend their time. It is possible that one parent may have total legal custody even if the other has some physical custody time. Situations such as this may place limitations on what the parent with physical custody can do during their time together. 

Overlapping criminal issues

It is possible that one parent may try to take matters into their own hands and abduct their child. Many families also have issues with criminal cases such as domestic violence, child abuse, and child neglect. In each of these scenarios, local law enforcement should be notified along with the local court system that manages the case. A judge can grant a protective order or take other actions such as modifying a custody plan when needed to protect the child. 

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