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What Services Do Immigration Lawyers Provide in Nebraska?

— November 10, 2022

Many people who come to the United States from other countries plan to stay long term and earn their full citizenship.

Omaha, NEImmigration attorneys provide several different kinds of assistance and advocacy for those seeking visas and citizenship. It is important for anyone who is going through the immigration process or working in the United States temporarily to get legal advice to ensure compliance with all relevant federal laws. People who are dealing with immigration issues should also be aware that these are federal laws, and local governments cannot make their own immigration regulations that conflict with U.S. immigration law.  


People who are citizens of other countries that plan to stay in the United States either temporarily or permanently will need to have the proper paperwork in place and filed with the courts to remain legally. Anyone who is not aware of exactly what needs to be done based on their status can run into legal trouble. This is why it is important for an immigration attorney to research and file whatever documentation is appropriate for the client. Even after filing, there are also updates that need to be made regularly, especially if the client has moved or made other important changes. Much of this documentation is focused on giving the government current information about people who are in the country but may not be citizens yet. 

Deportation cases and removal

Anyone who is having issues with the federal government due to their immigration status or crimes committed before they gained citizenship may have concerns about deportation. They should get legal help immediately. The immigration lawyer in Nebraska will represent the client and attempt to help the person either stay in the country or leave if they desire to do so. Something as simple as accepting a plea deal for a minor crime can have serious immigration consequences. 

The path to citizenship

US flag; image by Crystal Huff, via
US flag; image by Crystal Huff, via

Many people who come to the United States from other countries plan to stay long term and earn their full citizenship. However, this is a long term process that can take several years and there are a number of different things that need to be done before someone can become a U.S. citizen. For example, a person may need to have different kinds of visas depending on the work they do or the length of their stay, and this can change over time. In most cases, the person who expects to become a citizen should plan on at least a year for all of the paperwork to be processed by the government and their citizenship to be granted. However, this can take longer and much depends on the person’s specific needs and background. 

Additional information about the immigration process is a website that lists immigration lawyers in Omaha and every other city in the country. People who need legal help can choose a state and practice area to learn more.  

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