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What Should a Pedestrian Do When Met with an Accident?

— November 28, 2023

Please follow the road safety rules when you walk on foot to protect yourself and others around you.

Utah stands for its scenic beauty. Hence, seizing an opportunity for walking or running can be an excuse to indulge in its outdoor splendor. But it takes little for a pleasant activity to turn into the trauma of a lifetime or for a significant number of years. It’s about the risk of accidents for people traveling by foot. Due to the absence of physical protection, one can easily be vulnerable to severe road injuries. In 2022, road accident fatalities were 3.6% less compared to 2021. However, the traffic death rate increased over twenty years. The report suggests that 53 pedestrians lost lives to traffic deaths in 2022. It was 45 in 2021. Experts inform that crosswalk accidents or hit-and-run car crashes involving pedestrians lead to devastating consequences.

If you want to recover damages for your medical bills, pain, lost income, and others, a law agency like Salt Lake Injury Law of Salt Lake City can help. Before this, you must take care of a few things immediately after meeting an accident.

Safety measures

Staying at the same site can be dangerous because of the oncoming traffic. If you can, move to a secure side. Look for injuries in your body. Do you feel alright? The effects of concussion or internal bleeding are revealed slowly sometimes. So, pay attention to your feelings and visit a doctor, even if it’s a minor injury. It will help you prevent any significant health risks and also serve the purpose of medical evidence.

Information sharing and collection

Contact the police to update them about the scene so they can record witness statements. They will ask for specific details. Please furnish them with the facts. It will further help in legal action if need be. You can also note down information about the driver involved in the crash and the eyewitnesses. It should contain their name, address, etc. Capture the accident scene well and weather conditions. Ask the officer for a copy of the accident report. 

A few more points 

After all this, the next destination can be an insurance company, as some also cover pedestrian accidents. However, talk to a personal injury lawyer first before going to them. They will try hard to deny a claim or offer a minimum coverage amount. With a lawyer, it becomes easy to deal with them. The lawyer can negotiate better terms of settlement for your injury. As they possess all the knowledge about the latest road accident rules, attorneys can explain why your case deserves a certain amount. You can get the rightful money without courtroom drama. Or, they can recommend mediation or legal action based on the situation. No matter what, they can be your best ally in this fight because personal injury lawyers for road accident victims understand their pain and interests well.

Even a minor injury can shake your life. Please follow the road safety rules when you walk on foot to protect yourself and others around you. God forbid! If something unfortunate happens, talk to your lawyer to understand how to compensate for the suffering caused by an accident. While the specialists arrange everything, you can spend time on your healing. 

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