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What Should be Done When Sexual Harassment is Disclosed in Denver, Colorado?

— November 11, 2021

A lawyer can support them and give them the voice they need to be heard and seen so the necessary changes are made in the workplace.

If sexual harassment is disclosed in any situation, whether it is at work, or in a public setting, the individual in authority who receives the complaint must make sure they take it very seriously. The only way to carry out true justice to a person who is complaining about harassment is to listen to them with an open mind and not make any judgements of one’s own. The complaint needs to be taken especially seriously if it is filed in the workplace. All employers have the responsibility of making sure that their employees are safe from harm, and if they do not take any complaints seriously, the employer can be legally accountable for their irresponsible behavior.

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A lot of the times, victims are afraid to speak out because they do not know the difference between flirting and sexual harassment, and they are not sure whether what happened to them is considered normal behavior or if it is criminal activity. The main way to tell the difference between the two is to determine where the behavior was mutual or if it was forced. If it was forced and unwanted then it likely counts as sexual harassment. According to the law, it becomes criminal activity when employment benefits are granted for sexual favors or when it is so frequent it creates a hostile work environment. Anyone in such a situation should reach out to a sexual harassment lawyer to get help with their case.

The topic of sexual harassment is a very sensitive one and this leads many people to silence themselves and continue receiving the harm. This is very dangerous because sexual harassment tends to escape and if left ignored, then other victims will likely be targeted as well. As hard as it may be, a person needs to step up and speak out against the sexual harassment they are facing so they can protect themselves and they can also prevent future victims from facing similar behavior at the workplace.

When to speak to a sexual harassment lawyer in Denver, Colorado

All employers are expected to act reasonably and investigate any claims of sexual harassment that are brought to them. However, if they ignore a complaint, or the results of their investigation are not satisfactory, then a person should connect with a sexual harassment attorney to get assistance with their claim, so they are not taken advantage of and so their voice is heard.

A lawyer can support them and give them the voice they need to be heard and seen so the necessary changes are made in the workplace for them to feel safe and to no longer be harassed by those in authority.

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