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What Should You Do After a Truck Accident in Fort Wayne?

— October 27, 2022

Attorneys increasingly check the social media posts of their opponents because people often reveal too much information.

Truck accidents – even minor ones – can leave you disoriented and terrified, but the best strategy is to try to perform professionally. Keeping your mind on what you need to do helps to prevent stress and fear. Truck accident injuries often involve serious contusions, lesions, broken bones, and head, neck, or spine trauma.

Your first step after an accident should always involve confirming whether you or your passengers have been injured. It never hurts to visit the emergency room for a professional assessment of your health after an accident with a truck. This protects your right to claim injury compensation, confirms your injuries, and detects any hidden trauma you might not notice because of the adrenaline charge that floods your system after a typical truck accident.

Staying Calm and Organized

Staying calm and organized after an accident should become your goal because adrenaline and strong emotions tend to muddy clear thinking. Learning the steps to take is easy because you can see their value. The following steps come highly recommended by experts in the field:

  • Report the Accident
    Reporting the accident might prove critical in getting medical assistance and clearing the accident scene for safety. Explain if medical help is needed, and it usually is, and any fire danger. Let the dispatcher know how many are involved in the accident.
  • Get Medical Attention
    Always take care of yourself before seeing whether others need emergency help to escape a fire or get out of their vehicle. Always consider scheduling a checkup as a minimal response. You can get checked out at the emergency room of a local hospital or schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor if you appear to be fine.
  • Document Details of the Accident
    You should take notes and try to document the evidence if you feel well enough to do so. Make sure it’s safe to walk around the accident site. Make notes about your version of events, and try to include contact information for accident witnesses. Ideally, you should include a short synopsis of what each witness reports seeing, but that’s not necessary.Your documentation should include the driver’s license and car registration information of the truck driver and other involved drivers as long as they are well enough to provide it. If there’s any problem getting the driver to surrender a driver’s license for confirmation, ask the police officers to confirm the details. Take photos to document the damage to both vehicles, the weather and road conditions, and any other information that you feel might be relevant.
  • Report the Accident to Your Own Insurance Company
    Report the accident to your insurance company after you clear of other people to ensure privacy and confidentiality. Report the technical details of the accident while trying to demonstrate professionalism. Don’t speculate about your liability, but you can certainly mention that the other driver appeared at fault, as confirmed by the police report.Refuse to record any statements as recommended by your attorney — even if you haven’t hired one yet. Don’t talk with the other driver’s insurance company at all. Nothing can be gained from doing so, but you could lose your case based on a careless admission of partial fault.
  • Have Your Vehicle Damage Appraised
    You should immediately get your vehicle damage appraised and an estimate of the costs of making repairs. Your vehicle can be directly towed to a repair shop if your insurance includes towing.The same holds for vehicles and people. There could be internal problems because you don’t see any damage. Get your car inspected for damage after any accident with a truck because trucks bring lots of momentum to create a force capable of tremendous damage. Even expert repairs won’t restore most vehicles to their pre-accident value. Still, you can file a claim for diminished value in Indiana that could result in thousands of dollars to compensate you for the diminished value of your vehicle.Regardless of other factors, repair estimates are essential parts of the paperwork required for making an insurance claim.

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  • Avoid Discussing Your Case or Posting About It Publicly
    Keeping your claims strategy confidential is more important than most people think. As you can easily assume, lawyers still hide some aspects of a case despite the rules of discovery. Discussing your case publicly can give opposing counsel tips about your strategy that harms your case.Attorneys increasingly check the social media posts of their opponents because people often reveal too much information. But unfortunately, social media updates aren’t private, and opponents can gain valuable information from what you carelessly reveal.
  • Hire an Attorney
    Call a Fort Wayne truck accident lawyer as quickly as possible to discuss your truck accident case. The attorney can advise you on all options for increasing your compensation or maximizing the percentage of liability assigned to your opponent.

Getting Help from a Fort Wayne Attorney

It’s not always possible to control extreme emotions after a truck-related crash – especially if a family member was killed or injured. It also might prove impossible to complete all the recommended steps. Still, your experienced Fort Wayne lawyer can get the needed information from sources like a team of accident investigators. 

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