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What to Do if Your Insurance Claim Has Been Denied in Pensacola

— February 11, 2022

2021 also marked the third anniversary of Hurricane Michael, which was one of the worst storms in recent memory for many Pensacola residents.

Pensacola is no stranger to storms, but this part of Florida has experienced property damage on a particularly large scale in 2021. If you are one of the many residents in this area who has suffered property damage, you might be wondering what to do next. Your house may be so badly damaged that you can no longer live there. As a result, you may be renting out another residence while still paying off your mortgage on your damaged home. This kind of situation is financially unfeasible, and it’s exactly why we get property insurance. But what happens if your insurance claim has been denied? 

If you find yourself in this situation, the first thing you need to do is get in touch with a qualified, experienced attorney in Florida who specializes in denied insurance claims. These legal professionals know how to push back against insurance companies in the most effective ways, and they can help you get hold of that all-important settlement. Once you connect with an attorney, you can start planning out your next move in a confident manner. This gives you a better chance of a positive legal outcome. 

Pensacola Residents Are Still Recovering from the Latest Round of Storm Damage

In April of 2021, a powerful storm hit Pensacola. Flooding was rampant, and the area was littered with fallen trees. Both of these factors can lead to significant property damage. Some residents are still trying to get hold of settlements from their insurance companies as a result of this storm. 

Tornadoes Constantly Hit Pensacola

As recently as late October of 2021, tornado warnings were being issued for Pensacola. Authorities specifically warned that these tornadoes were capable of causing wind damage – something residents have become quite familiar with. New property insurance claims are filed on a consistent basis because of this seemingly constant barrage of tornadoes. Earlier in 2021, Tropical Storm Claudette brought tornadoes into the area that caused significant damage to homes, vehicles, businesses, and other property in Pensacola. 

Pensacola Has Seen Plenty of Damage Over the Past Few Years

NASA image of Hurricane Michael strengthening over the Caribbean. Image via NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Flickr. (CCA-BY-2.0).

2021 also marked the third anniversary of Hurricane Michael, which was one of the worst storms in recent memory for many Pensacola residents. Wind speeds of around 160 miles per hour wrought significant mayhem in the region, causing almost $25 billion in property damage and claiming many lives. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching the Pensacola area for a qualified attorney who specializes in denied insurance claims, there are plenty of legal professionals waiting to assist you. The sooner you get in touch with one of these attorneys, the better. With their assistance, you can get the settlement you need and deserve to repair, rebuild, and move on with your life. Book your consultation today. 

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