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What to Do If You’re in a Bar Fight

— November 18, 2022

Regardless of the details of the fight, you need to take these steps to recover after it happens.

Loud music, strangers, substances, and of course, alcohol can be a dangerous combination. Whether you lost your cool and started a fight or someone came up and decked you for no reason, there are steps you need to take after the incident to protect yourself. Regardless of who is at fault, here’s what to do if you’ve been in a bar fight.

Apologize to the Owners

Even if you didn’t start the fight, you owe the owners a sincere apology if you continued the brawl. The owners of the bar may not accept your apology, but you should offer it anyway after causing turmoil in their business. This is especially important if you don’t want to be banned from the premises. 

Seek Medical Attention

If you got hurt during the fight, you should seek medical attention right away. Your doctor can identify broken bones, internal bleeding, scrapes, bruising, and any other issue you may have. It’s important to get these issues treated and properly documented immediately after the fight.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

If you were injured during a fight, you can seek legal recourse and hire a personal injury attorney to help you. Victims of senseless fighting shouldn’t have to suffer and cover the cost of their medical bills. Your lawyer can help you get the settlement you deserve if you were hurt during the fight.

Consider Therapy

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Fighting can be a byproduct of anger issues and alcoholism. If you are constantly looking for a fight, it may be a sign you should seek help. A therapist can identify your triggers and teach you coping mechanisms to manage your anger so you can avoid fights. If you were the victim of a fight and did not start it, seeing a therapist can help you feel safe and heal any trauma caused by the incident.

Avoid Fighting in the Future

Whether you were the victim or the perpetrator, there are steps you can take to avoid future fights. You can avoid drinking excessively, find healthy, daytime activities, learn to manage your anger, and avoid people who love drama. If you are arguing with someone and sense things escalating, you can walk away before it gets physical. Avoiding fights isn’t always hard; it’s up to you to control yourself and avoid triggers if necessary.

Regardless of the details of the fight, you need to take these steps to recover after it happens. Fighting can have serious legal and physical consequences, so take these actions as soon as possible to protect yourself.

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