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What to Do When a Truck Tire Blowout Hits Your Car

— August 18, 2022

If you are driving behind a truck when its tire blows out, it may seem obvious, but do not swerve in an attempt to avoid the debris.

It’s not a question of when you will have a truck tire blowout. The danger is not just limited to the driver of the car that gets hit. 

Fortunately, you can take steps to mitigate the destruction and injury from a truck tire blowout or any other type of blowout. Knowing what warning signs to look for and what action to take to stay safe on the road is essential.

Things to Do When a Truck Tire Blowout Hits Your Car

Accidents can leave you in shock. Knowing what to do immediately after a truck accident can reduce your stress. If you ever find yourself in a truck tire blowout, follow these tips:

Slow Down

If you are driving behind a truck when its tire blows out, it may seem obvious, but do not swerve in an attempt to avoid the debris. Swerving into oncoming traffic could lead to more accidents. The safest thing to do is slow down your vehicle so you have more reaction time and can avoid the tire altogether. Be sure not to brake suddenly—this will cause your car to hydroplane and lose control of your steering.

Pull to the Left

If there is sufficient distance between your vehicle and the tire debris, you may be able to pull over safely. However, you will have to pass if you are directly behind a truck with a blown tire. It’s important not to swerve in the opposite traffic lane, as this could lead to more accidents. When passing a truck with a blown tire, pull in front of the driver and wait for any oncoming cars to make room for you before passing.

Turn on your Emergency Lights

When passing a truck with a blown tire, it’s essential to turn on your emergency lights as a courtesy and let other drivers know you are slowing down or pulling off the road. This will help avoid collisions by making you more visible on the road.

Don’t Stop Too Close to the Tire Debris

One of the worst things you can do is stop right next to or behind debris from a blown tire. Never pull up too close to the tire, as you will be in danger of hitting the debris. It’s best to stay at least 100 feet from the debris to ensure no risk of hitting it.

Get Gassed Up

If you have time, pull into a gas station and fill up your tank before proceeding on your trip. This will give you more reaction time if a tire blows out and avoid delays in your travel plans.

Call for Roadside Assistance

If your car is disabled due to the tire debris left behind, you will need assistance clearing the debris from the road. Depending on your coverage, you can contact a local towing company or call your auto insurance company for roadside assistance.

Involve Police

If you happen to be involved in a wreck caused by a truck tire blowout, you should contact the police as soon as you can safely do so. This is especially important if anyone was injured in the crash. Have someone take pictures of the accident scene. 

You should also contact your insurance company as soon as possible to tell them what happened and your concerns regarding this incident. Your insurance company may offer you a discount or may provide an alternative form of coverage that will protect you if anything is damaged or destroyed during the wreck.

What Can Cause a Truck Tire Blowout?

Several factors can lead to a truck tire blowout. The following frequently lead to accidents:

Incorrect Tire Pressure

Over-inflated tires can tear apart when the vehicle goes through a pothole or hits a bump. Also, the tire may be under-inflated if the air pressure is not in the correct range. This can cause a bulge on the tire sidewall and eventually result in a blowout.

Tire Wear and Tear

Upclose shot of semi-truck tires; image by Mitchell Luo, via
Upclose shot of semi-truck tires; image by Mitchell Luo, via

If you have more miles on your tires than they are designed to handle, they will wear faster than usual. When the driving surface on your tires becomes too worn down, grease and debris begin to collect on the inside of the tire. This can lead to a blowout.

Stolen Tires

Some unscrupulous people will steal truck tires and use them to create their wheels for personal vehicles or resale on the black market. You can prevent this by ensuring your vehicle is equipped with a wheel lock or tire cut-off switch installed on the steering wheel so that vehicle thieves cannot take off with your wheel assemblies.

Misdemeanor Street Racing

Many people find that a vast adrenaline rush can be experienced when racing on the road. Many people engage in street racing and speed traps, whether ego boost or sheer speed. Street racing is dangerous because of the possibility of someone cutting a tire, causing a blowout to happen at high speeds.

Truck Accident Lawyers in Memphis

If you believe you have been involved in an accident with a truck tire blowout, call Shelby County Law Offices to speak with one of our expert truck accident lawyers in Memphis. Memphis truck accident attorneys are experts in personal injury claims involving all types of truck tire blowouts and accidents, including rollovers (which happen when a vehicle hits a curb at an angle), rear-end collisions, wrong-way truck wrecks, and rear-end collisions. 

The experienced truck accident attorneys at Shelby County Law Offices will fight for you to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve following a truck tire blowout or after any accident caused by a similar event. We have represented truck tire blowout accident victims. Not only do we handle these types of accidents in Memphis, but we also handle all types of personal injury claims throughout Shelby County and the surrounding areas.

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