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When Do You Need a Home Insurance Claims Lawyer in New York?

— February 23, 2022

In some cases, claims are flatly denied with no explanation given.

Home insurance was devised as a sort of safety net.  Should your house be damaged by a storm or by fire, you know you can count on the insurance company to cover your damages. Or, at least that is what you were led to believe. In theory, everything sounds fine, but, in real life, you need to know exactly what are the steps to take to make sure you get the damages you are entitled to. The first thing to keep in mind is the value of the claim. If a couple of kids break a few windows, you can probably sort it out with the insurance company on your own. However, if your house is severely damaged by flooding or fire, you’ll be looking at extensive repairs and an eye-watering bill. If you’re going to need a lot of money to repair your home it might be wise to contact an experienced New York homeowners insurance claim denial lawyer. Many people believe you only need this type of lawyer after your claim was denied, but having a good professional by your side will make your insurer think twice before denying your claim.

What can I do if my homeowners insurance claim was denied in New York?

When you take out home insurance, that’s a binding contract between you and your insurer. You pay your premium on time and they pay you damages when your house is affected by an insured risk.

If your claim is denied, any skilled homeowners insurance claim lawyer in New York City will want to know why. In some cases, claims are flatly denied with no explanation given. However, in most cases, your insurer will use some sort of technicality to make their denial seem legal. To the untrained eye, things might indeed seem perfectly legal. That’s what they’re hoping for, to discourage you from pursuing your claim further.

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If you have any doubts at all about the validity of your insurer’s reasons to deny your claim, you need to talk to a skilled lawyer as soon as possible. It won’t cost you anything, as the initial consultation is always free. Also, they won’t take your case unless they have reason to believe the insurance company acted in bad faith and they can prove that in court, if need be. 

Can I appeal an insurance claim denial?

Under New York law, you have the right to appeal a denial decision. Your lawyer will help you collect more evidence to sustain your claim, if they see fit. Or they might just go into the insurers offices and confront them, exposing the misinterpretations, lies and omissions they used to justify their decision. 

If an insurance company wrongfully denies your claim, they can be accused of acting in bad faith. A public trial can generate a lot of bad publicity, something no business wants, and it may end up costing much more than the damages they denied you, if the judge orders them to pay punitive damages as well. Not to mention that they’ll also have to cover your legal expenses. This is the reason why insurance claim denials rarely go to trial and the matter is solved through a settlement.

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