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Which is Safer for Transporting Gas in Alaska: Trucks or Pipelines?

— February 24, 2022

Gas is obviously flammable, and semi-truck accidents can result in considerable explosions and fires when they crash.

The debate over pipelines is quite fiery, especially in states where pipelines represent a major component of the economy. Alaska is definitely one of those states, as it is home to the TAP, otherwise known as the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. This pipeline has been the subject of much discussion in the news as of late, with President Biden seemingly taking a firm stance on the subject. But why are pipelines necessary in the first place? Why not ship everything by semi-truck? Well, the answer is simple: semi-trucks are much more likely to cause accidents and spills. 

An environmental disaster isn’t the only potential negative effect of a semi-truck crash in Alaska. These vehicles can also cause considerable injuries to innocent people. Whatever you may believe about pipelines, it’s clear that a lowered reliance on pipelines would lead to more semi-trucks on the road. And with more semi-trucks on the road, an increased number of accidents is inevitable. If you have been injured in a semi-truck accident, you need to get in touch with a qualified, experienced attorney as soon as possible. These legal experts can help you file a personal injury lawsuit and recover a settlement for your damages. 

Shipping Gas By Truck is More Dangerous than a Pipeline

The data clearly shows that pipelines are safer than semi-trucks when it comes to shipping gas. Because trucks are sharing the road with other vehicles, the potential for accidents is much higher. When gas is shipped via pipeline, the potential for impacts with other vehicles is eliminated. The same can be said for rail transport, although pipelines are safer than trains as well. 

The injuries that can be caused by a semi-truck are severe. Even if a semi-truck is not carrying gas, it can severely injure or even kill people when truckers lose control. When you factor in the cargo that these trucks carry, the potential for injuries becomes even higher. Gas is obviously flammable, and semi-truck accidents can result in considerable explosions and fires when they crash. This can cause serious burns and fatal injuries for innocent motorists. 

The Current Administration is Moving Away From Pipelines

Truck accident; image by Richard442, via
Truck accident; image by Richard442, via

The current US administration is taking a decidedly anti-pipeline stance. They have rejected a number of potential pipeline projects in the Alaska area, and this may lead to a heavier reliance on other, more dangerous methods of transport, such as rail or truck. In 2021, a truck carrying 900 gallons of oil crashed in Happy Valley, Alaska. The oil was spilled after a collision with a pickup truck, and it resulted in the entire site being evacuated out of safety concerns. 

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