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Why are Promotional Products Gaining Relevance?

— June 30, 2022

According to the PPAI Consumer Survey, back in 2017, nearly 90% of the respondents recalled the message they received from promotional products.

Several studies have revealed that branded merchandise and promotional products provide key advantages in comparison to other advertising forms. Promotional products are very popular with marketers who use them to promote their brands. 

Also, when customers get the promotional products, they recall the brand and often tend to become loyal customers. If you want to know more about promotional product marketing, you can visit the website of multiple service providers. 

A few reasons for which the promotional products are gaining significance are:

  1. Brand exposure

According to the PPAI Consumer Survey, back in 2017, nearly 90% of the respondents recalled the message they received from promotional products. Also, a promotional product will remind the current consumers of a brand and advertise to the probable clients. If there is a name printed on any gift, it will impact the customer’s thoughts whenever they notice or use it. 

  1. It is cost-effective

Every marketer should consider the advertising endeavors’ ROI (Return on Investment). It’s a fact that the promotional products are increasingly cheaper than the commercial advertisements on TV. You know it’s true when you check out the entry-level options such as the shopper bags and the stationery. However, the CPI (cost per impression) is the central aspect to assess. The cash that gets spent on the campaign is divided by the times the advertising gets seen. The promotional products can provide a vast number of impressions in comparison to the initial expense. That’s why it is a favorable return on investment.

  1. It is long lasting

The promotional products that are useful for the recipients get used regularly. It means that the increased exposure of the advertising message gets compared to the magazine advert that could have been flicked past. It could also be a leaflet that got dismissed instantly. According to the BMPA survey in 2017, the element of “usefulness” got considered to be the most essential aspect of the promotional gift. Also, if a product gets used more, the branding will get noticed more. The effect increases by keeping a product for a long time. 

  1. Integrated marketing

    Mug that says, "Be the Most Encouraging Person You Know"; image by John-Mark Smith, via
    Mug that says, “Be the Most Encouraging Person You Know”; image by John-Mark Smith, via

The branded merchandise isn’t a standalone advertising media. However, it can get integrated into a wide marketing mix. Also, the small promotional products can get used as a part of the entire mailing. On the other hand, the trade show giveaway can efficiently assist the exhibitions. Today, the marketers identify that an integrated approach by making use of a wide range of channels is an efficient way for brand promotion. 

  1. It is tactile

It is a psychological point instead of being objectively measurable. However, it is necessary to appreciate that the physical object is slightly more appealing and can generate an impression more than the onscreen advertisement or a printed image. Today, people want to have tactile objects. It is here that you can count on haptic media. 

These are a few advantages of promotional products that can help you to promote your business and brand. It is essential for you to partner with the right promotional product marketing company that caters to your requirements. 

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