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Why is the Lead-Coal Corridor in Albuquerque So Dangerous?

— February 16, 2022

This stretch of road has become a hotspot for racing, speeding, and reckless driving.

If you were to ask Albuquerque residents about the most dangerous roads in the city, many would probably mention the infamous lead-coal corridor. This stretch of road has seen countless accidents over the years, and it seems as though the city is doing relatively nothing to address these issues. So what exactly makes this part of the city so dangerous for motorists? What can be done to fix it, and is the government ever going to act?

If you have been injured by a semi-truck or any other vehicle due to an accident in the lead-coal corridor, it makes sense to get in touch with a qualified attorney as soon as possible. There are many legal professionals in Albuquerque who specialize in helping semi-truck accident victims, and these attorneys can guide you towards a fair, adequate settlement. You can use your settlement to pay for medical expenses, missed wages, and a range of other damages. 

Crashes in the Lead-Coal Corridor are Common

On November 1st of 2021, it was reported that yet another crash had occured in the lead-coal corridor. The accident left a pickup truck flipped over on its roof, and the driver was quickly transported to a nearby hospital for injuries. Just half a block away, a memorial lay at the spot where a driver was killed a few weeks prior. According to the police, the pickup truck driver was racing and ran a red light before he flipped. One resident stated that she has seen a “continuous stream of accidents” in the corridor. 

Why is the Lead-Coal Corridor So Dangerous?

Proponents of the “Green Light Law” say that, among other things, it’ll encourage undocumented motorists to purchase car insurance. Image via MaxPixel. Public domain.

The lead-coal corridor has a posted speed limit of just 30 mph in many sections. However, the stretch of road has become a hotspot for racing, speeding, and reckless driving. But why is this happening? The corridor is actually quite narrow, which means that cars don’t have much space to maneuver. This can be incredibly dangerous for larger vehicles, such as commercial trucks. Authorities have suggested a wide range of ideas, including automated mobile speed enforcement. Mayor Tim Keller stated that he tried timing the lights on Lead and Coal, but that didn’t really achieve much. 

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