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Why Moving Out of Town Might be a Bad Idea in a Louisiana Child Custody Case

— August 31, 2022

This entire issue also becomes tied up with how the family home is divided between spouses.

After a divorce, some parents want to get as far away from their exes as possible. Some choose to move to a different part of Louisiana. Others move to a completely different state. Some might even choose to emigrate to a different nation. For these parents, moving away is an opportunity to start fresh and put their failed marriage behind them. While moving to a new place can be a refreshing experience, you should consider the legal consequences before you do so. This is especially true if you’re currently engaged in a child custody case. 

To gain a full understanding of these legal implications, your best bet is to speak with a qualified, experienced child custody attorney in Louisiana. These legal professionals can explain all of the various factors you need to consider when trying to maintain custody of your children. Trust the guidance of your attorney, and you can avoid a number of common mistakes that many parents tend to make during this legal process. 

The Distance Between Parents’ Homes is an Important Factor

When approaching a child custody case, a judge will consider the child’s best interests. In Louisiana, these are clearly defined aspects of a child’s life that may be affected by the divorce. One of these factors is the “distance between the respective residences of the parties.” While this is just one of 14 different factors that a judge might consider, it can alter the trajectory of a child custody case.

So why is the distance between parents’ homes so important? Essentially, judges try to limit any potential negative effect of the divorce on the child. If a child is forced to travel long distances to see one of their parents on a regular basis, a judge may determine that this places unnecessary stress on them. In other words, you should stay relatively close to your ex’s residence if you want to give yourself the best chance of a positive outcome in your custody case.

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Who Gets the House?

This entire issue also becomes tied up with how the family home is divided between spouses. In many cases, one parent maintains ownership of the family home, and this spouse is more likely to become the custodial guardian of the child. This is because the judge will not remove a child from their family home unless it is completely necessary. So if you have lost your family home, you should try to find another residence in the same general area. Otherwise, you might also lose the right to see your child on a regular basis. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching the New Orleans area for a qualified, experienced child custody attorney, there are plenty of legal professionals waiting to assist you. The distance between two parents’ homes is just one factor that a judge might consider during a child custody case, and there are many others to keep tabs on. Work with a qualified custody attorney, and you can show the judge that you’re taking all of your child’s best interests into account. Book your consultation today. 

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