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Why Should You Hire a Construction Injury Lawyer?

— June 30, 2021

While the legal world and the justice system may be unfamiliar grounds for you, your attorney can be the inside person that gets you the best of this complicated system.

Working in construction is a dangerous job. Even when you take all the precautions, there are too many variables that make this job quite unstable, safety-wise. Construction injuries are not only quite common but often prove to be fatal. According to the Department of Labor stats, 20% of work fatalities in 2019 were in construction. 

Injuries that do not result in a fatality are sometimes serious enough to leave the person unable to ever work again. These injuries are usually compensated under the Workers’ Compensation Benefits. The critical thing to note, though, is that these benefits protect both parties – the injured worker and the employer. In many cases, costs such as medical expenses, lost work, and diminished quality of life, etc. are too high to be justly covered by a compensation claim. 

So, if you are wondering if you need to hire an injury lawyer to fight your fight, the simple answer is yes. 

Now let’s cover the ‘Whys’ of this answer. 

  1. Free Consultation

All the well-established law firms and attorney offices offer a free consultation to new clients. Set up these consultations with the top 3-5 best construction injury lawyers in your area who have sufficient experience with such cases.

You can use these consultations – whether in person, on phone, or online – to narrow down your choices of attorneys. These meetings will be free of cost and can help you choose the perfect attorney for the job. 

  1. An Advocate for Your Rights

A good and knowledgeable attorney is your fiercest and most loyal ally. They know your special case, the circumstances surrounding it, and the relevant laws. A lawyer specializing in construction injuries deals with these kinds of cases every day, so they are well-versed in the vernacular and the system. 

They know what questions to ask you and they know how to get you the best settlement. They can help you understand how best to file the lawsuit, the kind of benefits you can get, what you should aim for, and when to settle. 

  1. Know the Complex Laws and Cases

Accident claims and workers’ compensation are complex legal matters and the applicable laws vary from one state to the next. To successfully resolve an injury claim and win maximum benefits, you not only need relevant courtroom experience but also comprehensive knowledge about the state as well as federal laws. 

Most injury claims are settled out of court. For a settlement to be in your favor, you need an expert negotiator working for you. Someone who has intimate knowledge of the law and knows what you are justly owed. If the case doesn’t receive a fair settlement and you have to proceed to trial, a competent attorney will know how to present a case, how to appeal to the jury, and what the system is looking for. 

  1. Can Get You Better Compensation

In case of construction injury, workers’ compensation claims have always been the injured employee and their direct employer. However, a construction site is rarely ever a one-company job. Several different companies are involved in a single construction project, and in the absence of a competent attorney, you really can’t know which business is really at fault here or is it multiple businesses. 

The compensation claims are strictly laid out in terms of money and are in favor of both the injured party and the employer. However, a professional lawyer can investigate and prove if it was the case of avoidable circumstances on part of the employer(s) that resulted in the injury.

Seven construction workers standing on a white field; image by Scott Blake, via
Seven construction workers standing on a white field; image by Scott Blake, via

When that happens, you not only become entitled to better claims, a higher settlement, and even medical insurance relief. To make sure that the system works in your favor and you don’t miss important deadlines, contact a construction injury lawyer as soon as you can after the incident. 

  1. Your Win is in Their Best Interest

Most injury lawyers and firms work on a no-win, no-fee rule. This means that your win becomes their guarantee to get paid. When they win the case for you, your attorney is entitled to a percentage of the settlement – any number that both parties have agreed on in the legal contract. 

Even if you are paying your lawyer’s legal fee and they aren’t working for you on a no-win, no-fee basis, it’s their reputation at stake. For a good lawyer, this reputation means everything. It means they are respected in their circles, in the courtroom, and the opposing attorneys know who they are up against. 

So either way, your win is in your lawyer’s best interest. So, if you have suffered a construction workplace injury and feel like you need a lawyer, call one up right now.

The Takeaway

While the legal world and the justice system may be unfamiliar grounds for you, your attorney can be the inside person that gets you the best of this complicated system. Most injury claims have deadlines attached to them. To ensure that your attorney can fight effectively, call one soon after you get into the accident and definitely before you sign any settlement agreements. 

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