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Why Should You Hire a Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

— January 18, 2023

Accidents cause injuries, and no one would like to deal with insurance companies and other parties for compensation while struggling with the injuries.

Most of the time, people get hit by a vehicle while they are on a walk. It is essential to know that vehicles like motorbikes are growing rapidly, which causes accidents. No matter how aware you are, accidents happen due to the driver’s fault, and the innocent suffer.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 7,000 pedestrians were killed due to motor vehicle crashes in 2020. The number of injured is much higher than this figure. A pedestrian accident can result in temporary or permanent disability, which probably decreases the quality of life, and it also impacts the victim for the entire life.

Pedestrian accidents are serious, and no victim would like to spare the person without demanding compensation for the loss he has received due to others’ negligence. In such cases, a pedestrian accident lawyer can help you if you are severely injured and can’t take your case. The lawyer can investigate your accident and find out the culprit. When it comes to negotiation, the lawyers also represent your interests with the insurance company, and finally, they file a lawsuit if the negotiation fails.  

Here are the additional benefits of hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer.

They tell you about the process 

Most people are clueless about what to do next after an accident and suffer from severe injuries if a loved one suffers severe injuries in a road accident. Though getting medical treatment or mourning a loved one is the first reaction to an accident, you shouldn’t underestimate the legal rights  as well.

A pedestrian accident lawyer can inform you what steps you should take after the accident that would rightly meet your needs. You can get a clear idea of whether you have any legal case against the involved party, how you can pursue that case and the compensation for which it is probably eligible. The significant thing is that you will get all your questions answered by a professional lawyer, which will calm our concerns.

Getting legal advice from the lawyer

Image by espartgraphic, via
Image by espartgraphic, via

Having a reputed pedestrian accident attorney on your side is vital for compensation after the pedestrian accident. Most of the time, the other driver’s insurance company never recognizes the gravity of the accident. 

They employ insurance adjusters to convince the victims to agree to low compensation, which is a great loss for the victim. In this case, the pedestrian accident lawyers help the victim while dealing with such insurance companies.

The lawyer collects all the evidence to strengthen the case and negotiates with the insurance adjuster for a fair settlement. This is why it is recommended to contact the attorney as soon as the accident happens.

If you are injured in a pedestrian accident, it is obvious that several monetary problems will occur when it comes to paying your bills and rent. However, you have options for filing an insurance claim or filing an insurance claim or lawsuit in civil court. While filing an insurance claim will help you to recover the medical bills, you can also file a lawsuit against the city or state authorities that own the road.

Saves an enormous amount of time and money

Accidents cause injuries, and no one would like to deal with insurance companies and other parties for compensation while struggling with the injuries. In such cases, it would be best to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer who will save you enormous time and money. Though you have to pay the attorney fees, according to the statistics, the claimants who hire the lawyers will receive greater financial compensation compared to those who represent themselves after deducting attorney’s fees. 

Since most road accident lawyers do their pricing on a contingency fee basis, you have to pay the lawyer after getting the settlement. The lawyers save your time by handling the paperwork for you. 


A pedestrian accident lawyer helps the victim in various ways. It is best to rely on a reputable lawyer as you spend time focusing on the recovery from the injury.

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