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Why You Don’t Need Advertising for Your Headshop

— January 13, 2021

Local SEO can help them find the proper destination points. If you are planning to establish a new headshop, then local SEO, reviews, and social media pages will indeed work better to seek local smokers’ attention. 

If you are one of those who is fascinated by opening a headshop, here is excellent news for new headshop openers. Headshops are one of those businesses where you do not need to invest in advertising promotions. If you do not advertise for your headshop, you can still run the business in profitable ways.

Headshops are now bringing a trend in the fashion of smoking. Marijuana and row tobacco are the leading cause of increasing the numbers of headshops in your local area. The various ways of consuming tobacco and marijuana are the cause of growing the headshops’ popularity level. More people are getting interested and they want to open a headshop to sell the equipment for consuming raw tobacco.

Run a Headshop without Advertisements

When you are opening a new headshop, it doesn’t take a lot of investment in advertising. Online platforms and social media are both very practical to do advertisements about your business. 

Here are some steps which you can follow to help your headshop flourish without investing much money and without any local advertisements.

1. Stock Your Store with a Variety Of Products

If you are planning to establish a headshop, then here is a non-biased opinion for you. Headshops are not always about promoting smoke. It is the fundamental matter of the beautiful and colorful types of equipment for tobacco and marijuana consumption.

So the more colorful and greater variety of products means more customers to attract. A good amount of stock of unique bongs, pipes, and dab rigs can increase customers’ interest.

2. Establish a Website with Proper Details of the Products

The website and social media are the best platforms for generating profitable revenue from the headshop. If you want to publish formal advertisements, then banners can be helpful.

In the websites and the social media advertisements, you have to give a good description of your stock with proper details of the products.

3. Update Your Seasonal Sale and Products Inventory List

Whenever you are using any social media platform, the first thing you need to do is give all of your interested customers an alert about any upcoming events and new products. Seasonal sales and new inventory lists will help customers to keep in touch and to keep their interest level high.

The new headshop owner can boost the interest level of new customers on the page. The new smokers are very much getting interested in the latest procedures and the new types of equipment. Just try to answer questions, especially those which are smoking-related. This will help you to build up bonding between you and your customers.

4. Make a List of Interested Candidates

For both direct advertisements and social media advertisements, you need to get prepared with your regular customers and the potential customer’s lists. 

If you want to use any free professional tools to make the advertisements about your headshop, then the candidate list is a must with authentic email IDs. The list will help you to send any new sales or any new event announcements. Suppose you are planning to give away surprise to your customers; then this list will surely help you to do the so without making too much effort.

5. Monitor Your Social Media Progress

The monitoring of the page’s progress is another crucial point. That will help you to increase the engagement of the customers. The followers and sharing pages must be carefully monitored for the upgrading of the headshop.

Red box mod vape beside e-juice bottles; image by Antonin FELS, via
Red box mod vape beside e-juice bottles; image by Antonin FELS, via

Focus on the beginners. This strategy will help you to keep your headshop name in everybody’s mind. The beginners have more questions than experienced ones. New smokers are always focusing on new trends in smoking. The answers which you are giving on the page will increase the new customer’s view and like rate of your posts. Some people build a website for their business, and try to attract more customers through home delivery or updates via the website. They also use some website traffic checker tools for their website. 

6. Publish a Video Headshop Tour

Headshop tour, does it sound familiar? The headshop tour video is almost a favorite for everyone, especially among new smokers. Just video record the full tour with new items, then publish it on any social media platforms.

This tour is viewed not only by regular smokers, but many new smokers are interested in the smoking process and equipment and new inventory. The colorful gesture and the demonstration of the new products will help you to attract more customers. 

7. Publish Helpful Techniques for Beginners

Beginners are always in search of different types of new methods and always asking about the new fashionable equipment for smoking. Just reply to them with the right, encouraging words. 

A good reply is always beneficial. If you want to maintain a good relationship between you and potential customers, reviews from satisfied customers are helpful. 

8. Create  Uniqueness for Your Store

A unique environment and unique quotes will help your customers to remember your store. The nice, tidy, and theme-based environment can create a very long-lasting impression on any client. Headshops are not only smoking shops, they are also unique mini-communities.

Theme based means you can choose any punk style, metallic, vampire, and pirate themes which will spread magical effects on the store visitors. The uniqueness will bring more customers. Even with the use of beautiful environments and articles, you can attract non-smoking customers. 


Advertisements are not really necessary for running a headshop, especially If you are using your local SEO. Then it will be adequate for generating good revenue because every local smoker is asking about the local and nearest headshops. 

Local SEO can help them find the proper destination points. If you are planning to establish a new headshop, then local SEO, reviews, and social media pages will indeed work better to seek local smokers’ attention. 

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