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Without a Lawyer the Odds Are Not in Your Favor When It Comes to Truck Accidents

— March 18, 2022

A truck accident lawyer with many years of practice in the field knows how to conduct a proper investigation into the case.

For the past few years, South Carolina has been in the top 10 states with the most motor vehicle accidents. In 2020, it ranked 6th, although the overall number of traffic accidents was on the decline on account of the Covid-19 restrictions which saw many people shelter-in-place for months. Truck accidents are not the most numerous, they only account for roughly 10% of the total, but they are the most dangerous, especially for the passengers in the other cars involved. 

Thousands of people in the state are hurt each year in truck accidents and their injuries tend to be serious, requiring expensive medical care. Sooner rather than later those bills will start piling on your desk. How am I going to pay them? If you need help with that, you’d better contact an experienced South Carolina truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Why do I need a lawyer?

Many people ask this question and it’s a valid one. Why would you need a lawyer since you have insurance and they can surely sort it out? Like they did when you got that dent on your car in the parking lot. There’s a big difference between a minor accident and a serious one, which involves a large claim. Insurance companies don’t like it when they have to pay lots of money and they won’t have any sympathy for your plight. Better leave all negotiations to a professional, like a truck accident lawyer in Charleston, someone who deals with insurance adjusters on a regular basis and knows all their tricks.

Getting yourself a lawyer won’t cost you anything. Accident lawyers understand that in your situation you cannot afford legal fees on top of your medical bills, especially if you cannot work for the moment. They work on a contingency fee basis so you’ll only have to pay them when they win the case for you.

How can a lawyer help with a truck accident claim?

A truck accident lawyer with many years of practice in the field knows how to conduct a proper investigation into the case. The police report tells you what happened, but a seasoned lawyer will look into why it happened and who’s responsible for your suffering.

Car, post-crash; image by Artyom Kulakov, via
Image by Artyom Kulakov, via

For instance, your lawyer will check if the driver had proper training and was in compliance with federal road safety regulations. If he was not, maybe his employers are to blame for that. If their driver fell asleep behind the wheel maybe it was because he was on a tight schedule and couldn’t afford to rest properly. If the company urged him to get to his destination as soon as possible, they are indirectly to blame for what happened and they need to pay for that. The same goes for any malfunction of the truck as the trucking company is responsible for the good maintenance of its vehicles. If they had the truck inspected on time, and changed those tires or fixed the brake systems, maybe you wouldn’t be in a hospital bed right now. 

Your lawyer will build a strong case before presenting the trucking company and their insurers with your claim. Most of the time, these cases don’t go to trial, but your attorney will negotiate a fair settlement. 

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