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Dozens of Women File Lawsuit Accusing Olaplex of Causing Hair Loss

— February 14, 2023

Dozens of women have alleged that Olaplex products have damaged their hair, causing follicle breakage and serious scalp injuries.

Dozens of women have joined together to file a lawsuit against Olaplex, alleging that several of the company’s popular hair care products cause hair loss and scalp injuries.

According to The Miami Herald, many Olaplex products are meant to strengthen and protect hair.

However, nearly 30 women claim that Olaplex actually had the opposite effect, damaging their scalp and causing intense hair fall.

The plaintiffs also say that Olaplex has repeatedly lied about or otherwise misrepresented the safety of its brands.

In their 61-page lawsuit, the women say that Olaplex ingredients—including those used in its No. 1 through No. 1 products—can cause hair loss, hair breakage, and scalp injuries such as burning, open sores, and significant itching and irritation.

The complaint broadly alleges that Olaplex protects its profits by falsely stating that its products are free from dangerous chemicals.

The Herald notes that attorneys say that the company engages in a so-called “illusion of truth,” wherein it makes repeated false claims to increase the likelihood that consumers will begin believing lies.

The Miami Herald reports that the lawsuit includes at least eight examples of “before and after” photographs, all of which appear to show women whose hair has been noticeably damaged by Olaplex products.

“Far from repairing and protecting hair from damage, the products have instead left plaintiffs’ hair dry, brittle, frizzy and dull,” the complaint states. “The hair has split and broken, causing it to look unkept and as if it were cut with a weedwhacker.”

Attorneys for the women have noted that the United States Food and Drug Administration does not require that cosmetic manufacturers seek F.D.A. approval for their products’ active ingredients.

The only exception, the Herald writes, is for certain color additives.

The lawsuit claims that this regulatory oversight leaves consumers with “no choice but to depend on product makers and sellers to honestly represent their products and ensure […] safety.”

Olaplex, however, has stood by the integrity of its products, saying that it has “gone above and beyond industry beauty standards” by publicly releasing test results from “independent third-party laboratories” on its own website.

“We have full confidence and believe in the safety and efficacy of our products,” the company said in a statement issued to Good Morning America. “There are a wide variety of reasons for hair breakage or hair loss, as medical and scientific experts have publicly stated, including lifestyle, various medical conditions and medications, the aftereffects of COVID, skin conditions and more. Anyone experiencing consistent hair breakage should consult their stylist and dermatologist to best understand their unique hair and skin needs.”

“Complaints like the ones referenced in this article are, sadly, a fact of life in our industry, and have been made against other brands in the category for years,” Olaplex added. “We are prepared to vigorously defend our Company, our brand, and our products against these baseless accusations.”


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