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Working from Home vs. Working from the Office

— June 17, 2020

As you can tell, both working from the office and working from home have so many amazing benefits, as well as some downsides you should be aware of.

Even though there are millions of people who would agree that working from the office is a true blessing they wouldn’t trade for anything in the world, there are also people who swear by working from home and claim that there’s nothing better than it. No matter which team you’re on, the fact is that both of these have their own pros and cons – just like anything else in the world. So, if you have an option to choose where you want to work, just be sure to stay with us. We’ll help you figure out what’s best for your needs and personal preferences, so keep on reading and learn something new today!

Pros of working from the office

  • It improves your time management skills

The majority of people who are working from the office claim that such an environment can significantly improve their time management skills, and you know what? That certainly is one of the most important benefits, and it is mostly because offices usually have fixed hours for work, lunch and coffee breaks. Needless to say, everyone who works in the office needs to follow those rules and plan their daily activities according to them. So, apart from teaching you to organize your daily schedule with success, this is also very helpful when it comes to maintaining punctuality, which is essential in any business environment. 

  • It boosts your interpersonal skills as well

If you’ve ever worked in an office with a bunch of people around, you’ve probably figured out that being surrounded by a lot of coworkers can make you much more aware of your behaviour, right? Well, that’s exactly why we can freely say that working in an office can boost your interpersonal skills, too, since becoming conscious of yourself and your actions is a quite logical thing that happens naturally when you aren’t alone. However, establishing your reputation of being a professional means that you should behave like a professional, so bear that in mind when communicating with everyone in the office. Just do your best to always stay kind, friendly, and helpful and your coworkers will surely recognize your good intentions.

  • It helps you connect with other people

The business environment is also a fantastic opportunity to learn more about your colleagues and build meaningful relationships with them, so don’t skip that and you may gain new friends, both in the office and outside of it. Of course, connecting with other people probably won’t happen during the working hours – but during the breaks instead, while enjoying coffee from the best commercial coffee machines and talking about a bunch of other things rather than just about work. The majority of people will probably say that those coffee breaks are the most precious moments when they are allowed to slow it down a little bit and think about something else while hanging out with their colleagues. Does it get better than that? We don’t think so!

  • It teaches you teamwork

    Team doing a hands-in huddle; image by Perry Grone, via
    Team doing a hands-in huddle; image by Perry Grone, via

Working from the office is also known for teaching you teamwork, as there usually are many people who share the same space and work on the same projects. Obviously, cooperating with your coworkers is crucial here, which is why your main focus should be on proper communication. This is of the utmost importance when working in a team, so make sure to think everything through in order for communication within your team to be as successful as possible. The business environment will also teach you to appreciate other people’s ideas even though you may not agree with them, as well as to solve different problems despite the differences within the team. That’s exactly what matters most, right? 

Cons of working from the office

  • It can encourage a sedentary lifestyle

Speaking of the cons of working from the office, the first one is that it can encourage a sedentary lifestyle in the long run. No matter if you like it or not, the fact is that you’ll spend the majority of hours sitting in front of your computer, staring at the monitor while rushing to finish every single project. However, it can get even worse as many people tend to spend their time in a similar way when they aren’t working. Sitting in front of their computers has gradually become their only reality, which is why they can’t shake it off even when they aren’t in the office. It’s also important to mention that such a lifestyle often results in neck and back pain, varicose veins, and even obesity, so bear that in mind and don’t let your bad habits negatively affect your health under any circumstances.

  • It can negatively affect your relationships with people

Even though we’ve mentioned that working in the office is highly beneficial in terms of getting to know your colleagues better and making new friends, we must also say that seeing the same faces day after day can become a bit monotonous over time. Yes, the fact is that dealing with the same people in your office can actually negatively affect your relationship with them, and this is particularly true when there is a secret rivalry between coworkers. If someone in the office perceives you as a competitor or a potential threat, your relationship is likely to become compromised, so don’t forget that and learn how to recognize the signs of secret rivalry! 

Pros of working from home

  • There is much more flexibility

When it comes to working from home, flexibility undoubtedly is one of the biggest benefits you should take advantage of. And what does it mean? Well, it means that working from home allows you to organize your working schedule just as you like it, which is why you can work during your most productive time of the day – no matter when that is. Besides that, it also means that you don’t have to get up early to get ready for work every morning. Being allowed to wear comfy clothes (and pyjamas as well) is another major benefit of working from home, so trust us when we say that you’ll love it more than you can even imagine! 

  • You can reduce distractions with more success

Working from home means that you’re working from a familiar environment, which is why reducing distractions can often be done with more success – especially when compared with huge offices with a lot of people. Many people will agree that office-based noise that comes from coworkers often can’t be controlled, which is exactly why working from home wins in this aspect of comparison. As there won’t be as many distractions in your home, you won’t feel as much pressure and stress on a daily basis, which is another amazing advantage that mustn’t be overlooked, right?

  • There is no commute

Millions of people who work from the office often have to spend hours in their car, a bus, or a train in order to get to their workplace, and even though it doesn’t seem like a problem, it can gradually become a huge issue. First of all, commuting indeed takes a lot of time and money every single day. Apart from that, it can also boost your stress levels – especially if you live in a place where public transportation doesn’t have a defined schedule or tends to run late. Those are the things you can’t control or change in any way, which will inevitably make you feel anxious and therefore affect your mental health. So, give working from home a try if possible and you’ll see what we were talking about!

  • You can improve your work/life balance

In case you weren’t aware of it, many people with full-time jobs, who are experts in their fields, have a very hard time finding a balance between work and their personal lives. This is particularly true for people who work 50+ hours a week, who seem to always be working – even when they are at home. Even though it can be very rewarding – especially in the financial aspect, this is highly likely to ruin their relationships with other people due to the lack of time needed for maintaining them. On the other hand, working from home allows you to improve that balance by coming up with your own schedule and sticking to it no matter what. It doesn’t get better than that!

Cons of working from home

  • It takes a lot of self-discipline

Even though working from home sounds fantastic, there are also some cons you need to be aware of. The first one is that it takes a lot of self-discipline, which can be quite challenging if you find it very hard to stay disciplined when there’s no one else to remind you of the rules. We can all agree that getting up and focusing on work can sometimes be quite tricky – especially when you don’t feel like doing anything at all, and this can intensify even more when you don’t have to get up and go to the office but stay at home instead. It certainly takes a lot of motivation and discipline, that’s for sure!

  • It can be a bit lonely

Yes, working from home has so many great advantages millions of people enjoy, but, truth be told – it can definitely get a bit lonely from time to time. Of course, the reason is more than obvious, and it’s the lack of access to other colleagues, which many people find very isolating. The absence of interaction with your coworkers can feel pretty daunting sometimes, particularly when you’re working from home for a long time, but you know what? It doesn’t have to be like that at all, as you can always see your friends, family, and coworkers once your working hours are done. As simple as that!

As you can tell, both working from the office and working from home have so many amazing benefits, as well as some downsides you should be aware of. So, if you have a chance to choose where you want to work, be sure to take both of these options into consideration before you make a final decision. This is the only way to do it right, so bear our tips in mind and you won’t make a mistake. That’s a promise!

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