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Zantac Lawsuit: Steps You Should Follow to Make a Claim

— May 26, 2020

Grounds for a Zantac Lawsuit include defective design and failure to include warnings on labels about the risks of Zantac.

You may have already heard the news about Zantac and its link to cancer. Zantac is a popular over-the-counter heartburn medication. However, currently, it has been facing a lot of lawsuits that claim the drug has unsafe levels of a carcinogenic substance called N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). This substance was already linked to a host of complications ranging from tumors to cancer. Because of these harmful substances, there have been lawsuits filed.

What Constitutes a Zantac Lawsuit?

Grounds for a Zantac Lawsuit include defective design and failure to include warnings on labels about the risks of Zantac.

Zantac has a defective design because its formulation allows Zantac to react with the chemistry of the body and create NDMA, which is a cancer-causing substance. Therefore, the original formula of Zantac is already flawed.

On the other hand, Zantac has a warning label, but it does not mention any risks of getting cancer from ingesting the medication. If physicians and doctors were warned of this, they would have never prescribed Zantac. Failure of Zantac to warn people and indicate NDMA-related information on the packaging constitutes a reason for a lawsuit.

What Should You Do to Make a Claim?

If you are one of those people who want to make a claim, here are some steps you should follow to go about making a claim during a Zantac Lawsuit.

1. Try To Settle Out Of Court

If possible, it is best that you do not have to bring the matter to court. Moreover, there are some states that require you to sign an affidavit certifying that you have made an effort to collect your claim. To ensure that you can provide an affidavit, it’s better if you try to settle this outside of court first. Try to contact the company that made Zantac and inform them of your intention to file a claim for the Zantac lawsuit.

2. Gather Evidence

Before you make a claim, you need to make sure that you have some evidence or proof that you are indeed a victim of Zantac. You may look for copies of prescriptions and receipts to help you prove this. You can also ask for hospital records of the harm you suffered during the time you were taking Zantac. Statements from people you lived with or a nurse who was taking care of you during the time you were taking Zantac will also be very helpful.

Any evidence that you can gather will help you build your case on Zantac. Pull up your current and historical medical records so that you can accurately place the timeline of events that have transpired. Then, you can link the events that have transpired to the time that you took Zantac. The more evidence you have, the better.

3. Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Gavel and rolled document saying “Personal Injury” resting atop maroon book saying “Law.” Image by Claimaccident, via
Gavel and rolled document saying “Personal Injury” resting atop maroon book saying “Law.” Image by Claimaccident, via

The next step that you must take is to hire a personal injury lawyer, specifically one who has experience with handling drug litigation. However, in case you are representing a person who has died due to injuries caused by Zantac, you might need to hire a wrongful death lawyer instead, specifically one who knows about the Zantac lawsuit.

You may also look for a law firm filing Zantac lawsuits so that you know that they are already familiar with the case and are handling cases similar to yours. The lawyer that you hire will help you identify the liabilities arising from Zantac and assist you in gathering evidence to support your claim. It’s very important that the lawyer you pick has experience in dealing with these things. So, do your own research on the lawyer before you hire him or her.

4. File a Complaint

After you’ve talked to your personal injury or wrongful death lawyer, you must assess how much damage has been caused. Damages include physical and mental injuries, hospital bills, wage loss, loss of enjoyment of life, punitive damages, recovery expenses, and consultation bills. Then, after a thorough assessment, your lawyer should be able to file a complaint that will demand compensation for all the damages incurred.


Following these steps will help you make a claim if you are one of the victims of Zantac. Familiarize yourself with the whole process before you take action because making one mistake might cause the whole lawsuit to become invalid. This is why you must be very careful and organized when you are filing a claim.

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